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Monday, February 23, 2004
♠ 2/23/2004 10:23:00 PM jus had a haircut..horrible haircut..i look totally disgusting in it..when i tie up my looks like a mushroom..(>.<)..i almost cried jus now when i saw my new look in the mirror..den i jus stormed out of the salon..if onli i can turn back time.. i shall write abt the happie stuff..hee..=)..

FAZAL FINALLY GOT HIMSELF A HP (^O^)//~!!!!!!!WOO HOO..i'm so happie when he showed me his 6100 phone..i thot he was jus joking..den when i explored his hp further..saw Malay names on his contact list..hee..den i noe is real..hee..really really very happy coz at least now i can msg him and sort of keep in contact wif him outside sch need to wait to go sch to be able to talk to him..but..haiz..the bad thing is he sure msg other girls and vice-versa..den maybe becum closer to those girls..todae..often see him looking down during lessons..tink he is busy wif his hp..den whenever i saw dat..i kind of felt at a lost and hope dat in the first place at all,he did not haf a hp..cause i will be tinking he is msging girls..haiz..issit a blessing or a curse for me..*shrugs*

hmm..earlier in the morning..i was angry wif Ahbun..dun feel like talking to her..coz i was angry wif her for not replying my msg which i took the effort to msg her coz i was very concern as to why she was not her usual self recently..den i thot she showed me a black face dis morning..den those unsolved problems concerning Jasper..=(..but i felt so much better after having a talk wif Mama..she TOTALLY understands my situation and my feelings and thoughts..and she explained those doubts i have and explained the behaviour of Ahbun towards really true dat one will feel threatened if someone will to try to get close to your special friend...afraid dat the person will replace your position in your special friend's heart..Mama really help me cleared all those misunderstandings i have towards Ahbun..Without her..i tink i will drift away frm Ahbun and be even angrier wif her..and our problems deepened and remains unsolved..she is like the middleman between Ahbun and me..i am really really glad dat i have found such a GREAT AND WONDERFUL FRIEND..Mama is such an angelic friend..jus like an angel sent to me frm heaven..she is really a priceless gem dat i will treasure forever..=)..THANK YOU SO MUCH,MAMA *huggies* =) =) =)~!!!!

hee..den todae i pon girlfriends got onli 2 went for PE..out of 7...haha..but Mama and Ahbun got waist ache and gastric so excused for PE..den we chatted at the staircase abt SEX,SEX & MORE SEX...wahaha..

lalala..den after dat...Ahbun told me not going to SP ler coz her destinee not playing ler..hee...den me and Vicky decided to go JP..den while we were walking out of sch..hahaa..we purposely went by the track way..coz the soccer guys were having training der..haha...her mommyboy..hee..haha..den we walked back to the pe porch...waiting for the best time to walk out so we can meet face to face wif the soccer was so funnie manz..we are jus like two love-sick girls..lalala..den we even had to run to chase after the boys coz of "poor time management"..den we shouted for Fazal..hee..den we all waved bye at each other..hee..den Vicky shy shy (*.*)..never wave bye to her mommyboy..but can see she is very happy just by looking at mommyboy..she was so happie..can see the great smile on her face..=)..hee..den when we were abt to walk out of sch..den me suddenly heard Fazal calling my name..den i turned and he waved bye at me..GOSH..I WAS ON CLOUD NINE at the point of time..wo zhen de heng kai xin..=))))...hee..*smiling*..hee..Vicky and i were so happie manz..^555..really glad to find someone to share your joys wif and oso someone whose love is oso in the same cca as the guy i like..o(^.^)(^.^)o

hee..later at JP..we went to look at watches..Vicky is planning to get a watch for her unfair..she never treats me so good one..haha..den we saw dis Swatch watch...wah..really took our breathe is such an elegant watch...*aawwhhh*..gonna get dat soon..hee..den we oso went to popular..haha..den me bought a file for Fazal coz his current one is so old and lan..hope he will accept the file and use it..*praying*..hee..

tata..tink i will stop here..

ps: i tink couples who wear matching lovers' shoes are really very sweet ne..*envious*..aniwae..make sure you pronounce "matching shoes" properly..dun pronounce as "MAGIC shoes"..Thanks Foxy for dat..wahaha..(^.-)

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