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Sunday, May 09, 2004
♠ 5/09/2004 07:30:00 PM
haiz..wasted a whole of sunday..uurgghh..

woke up at ard 6 sumthing to prepare the rice and ingredients for sushi~!!!hee..making sushi for my Mummy..coz is Mother's Day todae..=)*..hee..took ard 4 hours to finish sis baked muffins too..haha..kind of remind me of the time i baked muffins for him..first time doing it..and i rmb i told myself before dat my first time in making sushi will be for him..but things now haf never gonna happen..watever..

wah..was so busy in the kitchen..tried to cook the jap.omelette..but failed~!!!the egg bcum burnt..haha..wonder wat happen..haha..knead the rice wif the sushi seasoning..wah..our whole hands kena tio stuck by the scary-looking..but is fun kneading..had a reallli hard time washing off the rice on my hands thou..hee..Papa had to stalk Mummy coz she woke up earlier as we expected..haha..luckily..we are efficient..soon..we surprised her wif our sushi and muffin..hee..and oso not forgetting the passion mango cake we bought~!!!haha..Mummy said dis is the first time the three of us celebrated and cook for her..haha..true true..FIRST TIME dat we make sum arrangements for mother's day..hee..=p..hope Mummy is touched..hee..aniwae..the suhsi i made..haha..are really fabulous and delicious..~!!!!!!!*yuuuuuuummmmmmmmmyyyyyyyy*

hee..went to take a nap..a short nap i planned..den wat happen??i woke up 3 hours later..urrghh..waste my precious time..Han Wei called..wah..4 missed called..haha..told him i jus woke up..he scolded me a him burn disc..wah..took almost half of the dae..asked him wat's my reward..he said "FOOD"..haha..Thanks eh,Han Wei~!!

jus chatted wif Yvonne..realised dat i still like him..haiz..i still hope to talk to him again..back to the good old times..still care of his attitude towards me..still mind alot he is now so close to qh..urrgghhh...i want to apologise to him..but if i did..if i talked to him..the feeligns will grow..and i will mind even more and take extra notice of him and qh..and is tiring..very tiring..haiz..sick of the wae i feel now..

yesterdae was Talentime~!!!!!! a little happie update of my life..haha..met Birdy and her saxaphone and Jaws at usual..we planned to meet at 5..haha..but we were late..bought the stuff we need to do the banner for our idol,CALEB~!!!!!!GOSH...HE IS ONE TALENTED GUY..REAL TALENTED~!!!!!!NOES HOW TO PLAY PIANO..SINGS WELL..AND GOT THE LOOKS~!!!!!!!!he has good taste in dressing too..hee..=)..*gushes over him*..went to sch after dat..wah..foudn the best seat..time really flies eh..soon it starts..hee..totally memerised by his singing..i loooovvvvvveeeee dis song now.."That's When You Know"..aawwwwhhh :)...he won the second place~!!!!hee..took some pics wif him too..hee..can't wait to develop those pics ne..hee..CALEB~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

congrats him after the whole thing end..oops..did i mention dat he was shocked and surpised to see the banner we made for him..hee..can see he was quite happie abt it..haha..hee..hmm..his church frens were der too..and were busy chatting wif Caleb..kind of felt like very extra at dat time..WAH..den AHBUN GOT A HUG FRM HIM~!!A TIGHT HUG SUMORE~!!!wa wa so jealous..haha..nvm..saw Bernard and Johnson..haha..went to congrats dem too~!!!and haha..GOT HUGS FRM THEM~!!!!!!!!..lalalala..wooooo hooooo..haha..*blushes*..saw Fazal and Vance..hee..took pics wif Fazal..haha..he popular sia..all of us wanna take pics wif him..he asked me why dun wanna take wif vance..haha..pls lor..haha..hee..den on the wae waking out of sch..Fazal shouted for me..hee..jus wanna sae bye to me..hee..i waved back frantically and smiled so widely back at him..hee..i felt really happie and sweet at dat least he called for me to sae bye to me..hee..kinda touched..haha..really very happie at the thought of it..=))))))))..~!!!!!!

went to jurogn east to eat..kind of can't enjoy my dinner..coz scared of staining my skirt..haha..took a cab tired..went to sleep after a bath..tiring but i enjoyed myself a lot..woo..receievd a msg frm Caleb too..thanking us for the support and the banner..hee..You are most welcome, dear Caleb..haha..=p

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