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Saturday, May 22, 2004
♠ 5/22/2004 11:29:00 PM
woo hoo~!!!wah..finally can update my bloggie ler (^_______^)b..wanted to update yesterdae but my com got sum firewall..den the other com can't suay..haha..

finished my last paper on was allright..noe how to do..but no handwriting was horrible..i can't even understand those words..the teachers gonna have a hard time trying to figure out wat we wrote ler..serves dem right for giving us so mani questions and so little time..haha..nah nah nah boo boo..

hee..after mugging so was time to play~!!!went to watch "TROY" wif Birdy,Jiayu,Shi Ying and Jaws at cine..hee.."Troy" is a GREAT show~!!!FABULOUS~!!!*THUMBS-UP*..5 STARS manz~!!!d(^______^)b..though i slept for some time during the starting of the show..coz too tired..haha..but the show was getting more and more exciting..esp the fight between Troy and Greece..the movie effect was really good..kept you intense and captivate you completely..aawwhhh..the love story of Achilles and the girl(dunnoe her name) was so touching..the ending was really sad..Achilles really love the girl a lot..aawwhh..(*.*)..Hector(played by Eric Bana) was so sexy~!!!i love him more and more throughout the show..hee..not forgetting Brad Pitt too(Archilles) and Orlando Bloom..all three of dem are so shuai~!!!took my breath away man..they handle those fighting scenes really well..the sad ending..all of us was simply is really such a noble thing..if only Archilles never die..if onli he and the girl got together in the end..if onli Hector never got killed too..all of dem can reunite together and be a happy big sweet will dat be rite..hee..but nevertheless..I LOVE TROY SO MUCHIE man..TROY SIMPLY ROCKS~!!!!

.:.♥♥♥.:.TROY .:.♥♥♥.:.

hee..we bought Ya Kun kaya toast to eat during the movie..yum yum..hee..later..we went to take neo-prints(hee..a must for our every outing :))..we took the 8 beam at heeren..and the "products"..TATA:

so nice rite~!!!=)*

hee..i went home after dat while they went to eat Marche..hee..

.X.~ FRIDAY ~.X.

it was JJ's sport carnival..dat ah pek koh was threatening us of the consequences of ponning it..*shakes head* of them really ran so fast..great runners..woo..Fazal won a total of 3 trophys..2 Gold and one Silver..he is one terrific runner was a close race between Jasper and Weijie(if i am not wrong)..but Jasper was faster den him..haha..JJ's sprinter leh..faster sprinter if i am not wrong..*phew*..we were all cheering so loud for those we noe..and Ahbun was telling me..dis is the first time since the qh incidient dat we cheered and support Jasper so enthu-ly..glad and relieved dat he beat weijie to the first place..=)*..saw him wearing a knee guard later..can't really see whether he was wearing the knee guard i gave him..but i doubt he was wearing the one i gave him..was feeling quite down abt it..

i sit and cry,
i just don't understand..
why is everything spiralling by?
i tried so hard,
but it was all in vain..

went to JP after dat wif my girlfriends.. :)..was quite shocked dat all of dem were not hungry..haha..=p..had dinner wif Shi Ying after dat at clementi..and met her mother too..she gave me a bottle of my fav chrysantheumn drink(haha..dunnoe the correct spelling) happie..long time since i drank it ler..hee..

.X.~ TODAY ~.X."best fren" was featured on the channel U show.."the next big thing"..she dun look as nice as in real life..her make-up dun flattered her dat much..judge said she dun haf the X-factor..hahahaha..yeah..she deserves all these her man for not able to go up the stage..booooooooooooooo

Jiayu called me after dat..she missed watching qh part..but luckily Birdy got record down..hee..=)..Yoke San was wif her too..chatted wif them..crapped wif Papa made me realise dat it has been quite a long time since i had crapped much wif Papa..haven been really talking much to Papa..not as much as last time..kind of drift apart?..was feeling kinda sad and lost abt it..but feeling much better after the phonecall..kind of "salvage" the wae i was feeling..*=)*..

haiz..recently..dunnoe why..but dun feel like going out..not in the mood to do anithing..jus feel like sleeping and lying down on my bed..listening to music..and daydreammmm..hope my mood will improve soon..hee..(^.^)..haiz..haf to do the NMR chem tutorial fast have to start doing work onli lasts for such a short period of time..haiz..but dat's JC life..haf to accept it..=(..

hee..dis is the first entry which i had uploaded pics..yeapx..gonna insert more pics for my future entries next time..hee..will be more interesting.. :)..hee..

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