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Monday, May 31, 2004
♠ 5/31/2004 01:48:00 PM
yoo hoo bloggie~!!!hee..finally haf the time to update ne..been busy recently doing sum!!!wat a week it had for me~!!!experienced disappointment,depression and happiness too..all in one week..*phew* dis is gonna be a long entry..=p..

.X. MONDAY (24/6) .X.

haiz..was late for the first two periods of maths a shock when i went in..coz Low-Chia had finished marking our scripts and returned to us..i din expect she marked so fast..not at all mentally a shock dat i got 19/60..haha..thot at least can get more den 20..but fail..haha..guess you reap wat you sow..i did not prepare much for dis maths paper..was such a last minute one at dat..guess i onli got myself to blame..was feeling quite down thou i noe i deserves it..Ahbun saw dat i was quite sad and msged me asking whether i am allright..den she came over to cheer me up..hee..i really really appreciate her for dat =)*..*touched*..den Fazal turned around and asked me how was my maths..haha..he told me he oso got F for maths..and both of us jus started to each other and our ownselves =p..LOL..laughing non-stop manz..haha..den Ahbun commented dat she came over to cheer me up is no use..Fazal can jus do the instantly..haha..and before she left..she said :"Thanks,Fazal"..HAHAHA..feeling much much better after dat (^.^)..

next "da ji" is the chem paper..=( 19/60 for my paper 2 and 14/40 for paper 1..a total of 33%..F AGAIN~!!!!!!!half expected..half unexpected..thot at least can get an O for chem..but haiz..was not in the mood to listen to Ah Bee's explanation..was jus tinking of how sianz it is to go back to sch on the second and third week..everyday..for self-studying..frm 9 to 12..wah..everyday haf to wake up at ard 7 sumthing..uurrgghhh..was feeling quite discouraged too..till Tay Ah Bee told us not to be discouraged over our results..and we still got time to buck not too late..we still can catch up wif the better felt better and got a glimpse of hope dat all is not lost..Thanks A Lot to Madam Tay..=)*..luckily she is not those kind of teacher dat will give up on those weak students.. :)

was feeling very moody and inferior after the chem tutorial..felt dat i am such a failure..12 pointer and yet got such lousy grades..*shakes head*..BAD..REAL BAD..haf a talk wif Ahbun..was discussing how come Chun Guan improved so much..frm a F for maths to C..and passed his chem quite bu chu he is so hardworking..*impressed*..Ahbun told me to study hard too..and dun lose hope..Jiayu and Shi Ying came to find us..and they oso told me dat the ultimate aim is our A'levels..and we mus work hard towards it too..yeah~!!

went to library wif Shi Ying later..Jiayu called me to go to the canteen..i asked her why..she said i'll noe when i reach der..hee..later Jiayu called me to ask me to meet her outside the library..i thot sumthing serious happened..coz she sounded really serious..den Mama brought me to the study bench and saw Jaws and Birdy der..then..TADA~!!!!!!I SAW AN ICE-CREAM WAFFLE BEHIND DEM (^________^)~!!!!!!*aaaawwwwwhhhhhhh*..they gave me a waffle treat to cheer me up..*i'm very very touched*..i was really surprised by it..i felt really very blessed to have GREAT friends like them ~* =)*~!!!i'm really grateful to them~:)

headed to Raffles place after sch..took train wif Papa coz he going to Chinatown..haha..and i made a discovery..his fav bread talk bread..the appearance of it is jus so similiar to his skin..can't rmb the name of the bread..=p..was so amazed by my discovery..naturally a joke was born..hee

.X. Thursday .X.

got back my bio paper todae..54/100..E..Ms Wun said the whole cohert did quite
badly..onli 5o% sumthing passed..haiz..glad dat i passed one subject..


WAT A MORNING I HAD TODAE =)~!!!!!hahahaha..was supposed to meet Jiayu at 9am at the mac near our sch to buy breakfast for Shi Ying they all..i was late..den Jiayu asked me meet at jurong spring mac or jurong shopping centre mac..i said jurong spring..the one nearest to our sch..went in to look for Jiayu..hmm..she was not der..hee..i called her..she said she was inside the mac..but i din see her..hmm..then i realised i went to the wrong mac outlet..hahahaha..i was at the one near boon lay cc..and she was at the one in jurong spring cc..hahaha..i got mixed up manz~!!!silly me..haha..was going to solve dis mistake wif her..when my hp NO BATT~!!!so suay such a critical hp went flat!!!! no wae of contacting her..i roamed around..finally board 198 to go jurong spring cc to look for Yu..went der..she was not der..hmm..decide to go back to jurong mac to look for her..coz i was thinking she might went der to look for me..hee..yuppie~!!!i saw Mama walking out of the jurong mac..~!!!gosh..i was so relieved and happie to see her~!!!!hee..she went der to look for me..den seeing i was not der..she went back to spring mac to look for me..and went to jurong mac to look for me again..hee..she walked all this while..hee..while i took a ku ni ler,Jiayu =)..hee..den we realised no time to buy for dem ler..haha i was still fantasising of eating the fillet burger..drinking the ice milo..but haha..mei you zhe ge fu qi..haha..

went for Ah Bee's class..Ahbun and Jaws asked me wat happened?why dun want to pick up their calls??haha..explained to dem..they thot i was angry wif dem..hee..they even used Fazal and Han Wei's hps to call see whether i zhong se qin you..onli want to answer their calls..=p..told me dat Chun Guan they all was speculating why i never picked up their calls..said when i hanged up their calls was coz i was preparing myself to jump off a building..and when they can't get means i already jumped off the building..Chun Guan said i cannot die coz still need to pay him back money (-.-) home to charge my hp..received 26 sms~!!!haha..record-breaking =p..

oohhh..todae had a little "contact" wif Jasper..was making our wae frm the LT to the toilet wif Bun..den his legs blocked our wae..saw dat he was smiling when he put down his legs to let us cross..hmm..then later when we went back..saw him and Han Wei dis time blocking us..i wanted to walk pass dis route..while Bun took the other route back..He said "Hi" to me..was shocked to hear dat..hmm..


had my GP test todae..whoa..a test i had always been dreading abt..glad is ovvveeerrrr now..=)..met up wif Foxy at 6.30pm to go queenswae to buy the England the end never got to buy..haiz..hee..nvm..hope can get it the next time..whoa..was supposed to meet Foxy at 5.45pm..but she was still in sch at dat time~!!!haha..den i stoned my time away at queenstown mrt..for half an hour..wah..den i walked pass dis grp of guys..they shouted "jj wor"..let's clap for jj..and they really started clapping..LAME manz..stoopid silly guys..queenswae's shops are really hard to like a maze..we spent almost half an hour looking for dis shop where it sell the bag i wanted to buy..finally..saw dis shop which sell the bag too..the mystery of the shop's location still remained..hee..Foxy bought the latest adidas bag too..VERY NICE i mus sae..d(^o^)b..the nike bag i bought..quite plain..darkkkk blue in colour..costs $46..tink i need to decorate the bag to make it more appealing..hoho..

headed to Cine after dat to meet up wif Jaws,Jiayu and Birdy..hee bought tu-tu cakes for dem too..*yum yum*..had fun eating der yooo~!!!!coz firstly der was dis mickey mouse balloon behind Foxy..and it kept swaying towards her head der..the sight was really hilarious..sumore the mickey's face so cute..Foxy thot it was a person..haha..den later i was memerised by dis shuai ge sitting opposite me..den i dunnoe wat tray of food went to do a somersault.."fly" past me and toppled onto the floor..wah..we were all stunned..wat a sight was pretty funny manz..hahaha..all dat yandao's fault..of all places..had to sit opposite me..hahahaha..

woo hoo..we went heeren next to take puri-kura~!!!!and each of us bought a a significance/symbol of our clique =)*..hee..sweet :)

der was dis guy who wanna noe Jiayu..kept on following us wherever we go..such a pest..loitering outside the shop where we were in..wanna noe a girl..oso dun haf the courage to ask Yu face to face..haiz..Yoke San is really really such a lucky guy~!!!!

time flies..soon it was 10pm..we parted and Foxy came over to my hse and stay~!!!!(^.-)/..we went to eat prata for supper..woo hoo..der was dis malay guy working der..SO HANDSOME~!!!!!!!!!!!i was so nervous when he took my order..he is such a cutie..aawwwhhhh..hope to be able to see him again on dis tues' nite..hee..*praying hard*..took 143 home..den got dis guy..hee..he let us board the bus first..Foxy told me he kept on looking at us..before he alight the bus..he turned and looked at us..haha..den we were debating who he was looking

i love it when my friends come over to my hse and is such a cosy feeling..hee..i was really happie when Foxy came over to stay..hee..i can't wait for 1st of June~!!!!!my girlfriends will be coming over to stay d(^_______^)b \(^o^)/~!!!!!!!!yaaaaahhhhhhhoooooo~!!!!!!!!=)*

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