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Friday, June 11, 2004
♠ 6/11/2004 10:00:00 PM
aloha bloggie..hee..finally haf the time,chance and mood to blog..hee..but firstly..i would like to say:

Jaws: I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY VERY SORRY for hiding things from you..and I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY VERY GLAD dat you forgive me =) =)*~ *huggies*

haiz..another week of holis will jus pass..wat haf i done for my studies??NOTHING much..uurrgghh..piles of homework left undone..*shakes head*..i gotta start to do dem tmr..yeapx..mus be self-motivated and self-disciplined..haha =p

went for CIP todae at JE library..whoa..tiring..a whole of 3 hours (-.-)..was assigned to do shelving for level four:the teens section..hee..many youngsters were der..haha..thot i would meet some of my old friends..but didn't..*phew*..luckily..hee coz i dun wanna let dem see my mouth..those little red spots on dem..*yucks*..i was so put off by it..push the heavy trolley around..wowowow..those people der are really fast..once i pushed out the trolley full of big grp of dem jus gathered around the trolley and started to snatch books?machiam like the great singapore sale..buay tanhan..hahaa..but all thanks to dem dat i got less books to shelve and pushing the trolley much easier.. :)..kudos to dem..hmm..had a bit of fun doing CIP der coz can do some hunk-watching shuai ges often frequent library ler..not liek the past past..hee..i saw dis guy..very cool..was attracted to him coz he always came over to the trolley to find some books..haha..and the impt thing is HE LOOKS VERY MUCH LIKE ANDRE~!!!!!!went to told Ahbun abt it and showed it to her the guy..and you noe wat?HE IS AHBUN'S JUNIOR~!!!! qiao..den he and his fren kept on looking at us..and was smiling :)..ooohhh lala..haha..but such a pity..Ahbun didn't went to talk to him =(..soon..they left ler..we went ard the whole lib to look for dem..haiz..they are gone..forever..haha..hmm went to eat japanese food after dat..i ate dat for lunch and fattening..hahaa..gosh..dat guy..*dreams of him*..

saw "best friend"'s hair todae.."BADNESS" sia..she went to dye some parts red..some parts yellow..and other funny colours..SUCKS LO..HORRENDOUS is jus the perfect word to describe her hair..reminds me of a rooster..Ahbun was saying dat she was hanged upside down..den her blood frm her nose drips down and stained her hair..hahaha..Fazal msged me during bio lessons: "check out best fren's hair..HAHA"..WAHAHA..funnie man..she became the butt of our jokes..haha..even the guys find it ugly..hope she get laughed and mocked outside too..

went to the Disney Fair yesterdae at TAKA wif Jiayu..WOW~!!!!all the stuff der are really cheap~!!!esp the biiiiiggggg teddy of piglet,pooh and tigger..costs onli a shocking price of $19.90~!!!saw many things dat i like so much..the disney princess' clock..posters..sigg bottle..pendant..bearies..I LOVE DEM ALL~!!!!but the fair ends dis time to go down to money too..haiz..hee..went around orchard wif Yu to scout for her dear dear's for their one year anniversary =) which is fast time flies :)..hee..went cold storage to buy food coz Mama is preparing food for their picnic at botanic garden..can really really see dat Jiayu is a very very good gf..very xi xin..Papa is really really super lucky~!!!!*Ahbun shld learn more frm Jiayu manz..*hee..

yesterdae was 10th of June..the dae i met Huai Ren,Huai Ren,Huai Ren~hee..dis special dae is so worth remembering is becoz i was going to Japan for the second time and the first time wif all my realtives \(^.-)/..a trip i was always looking forward to..hee and of coz becoz of Him too :)~..i still rmb my first impression of Him was whether is a she or he?hee..soon..i realised is a he..and He becomes more manly in my eyes as time goes by..was quite happie when i found out He was in our tour grp too..hee..He has a really great sense of dressing..i lurve Him for dat cousins and i didn't get to interact wif Him till the second last dae?hee..we played poker cards together..and dat was the first time i heard His voice..*my heart melted upon hearing it*..He spoke wif those American accent..very fluent..and coz He is a Indonesian-chinese..hee..His chinese wasn't dat fluent..hee..but the way He speaks chinese is SOOOOOOOO KE AI~!!!!I REALLY REALLY LOVE it when He talks..esp when He spoke in chinese..i got really memerised by His voice..i never met ani guy dat could make me fall so madly in love wif their voices alone..He is the first and probably the last..i miss those phone calls wif Him(esp when He called himself "Huai Ren" too..influenced my me =p..hee)..miss those outings wif Him..I MISS HIM..EVERYTHING abt Him..miss them really really badly.."+ I Miss You So Much..I Really Do.. (L) 10th of June (L) -+" MSN nick :).. ~*August..hee..2 more months to go*

Pei Qi:WEEE WEEE MY SISTER GUIDE~!!!!!I'M SO HAPPIE TO SEE YOU DAT DAE =)~!!!!we are really fated manz :)..hee..THANK YOU SO MUCH for your compliment of my blog..hee..hmm..i did my layout all by my own =p..hee..SHOCKED?? took me quite some time thou..haha..but i'm so proud of myself..i'm sure "MY PARENTS WILL BE PROUD OF ME TOO"..hahaa..dat's your fav quote back in Crescent~!!!!rmb?hee..I REALLY REALLY MISS ALL THE GOOD OLD TIMES WE SHARED IN CRESCENT :)~!!!!the S3 times..the guides times..and not forgetting those idols chasing times too~!!!BARDOT..AARON CARTER (i miss playing laser mania wif you =)?and till now..i love the pic i took wif him..hee..)..WESTLIFE(their concerts rocks..hee)~!!!!!!!(ps:i wonder wat happened to Bardot and Plus One??hahaa)..heee..rmb the sleeping bag i had to carry for the Bardot's autograph session?haha and during the guide camp..i rmb my sleeping bag was like in a mess or sumthing and you jus kept on laughing..hee..oohhh..Thanks A Lot for your cucumber, bag loves it..hahaha..i miss those time when almost every fridae..the four of us would always go to JP or some other places to fun (^o^) list all the fun times we had will definitely take me ages and ages :)....hee..5 more months to our birthdaes =)*~!!!!i can't noe something?i am still using the Precious Moments' cup you gave me for my 16th birthdae..i lurve it very much :)~!!!!!*huggies*..WE MUST MEET UP SOON YA~!!!!!ALL the BEST for your block tests d(^o^)b~!!!Take Lotsa Care ya~!!!!Love Ya~!!!!

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