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Thursday, June 03, 2004
♠ 6/03/2004 03:06:00 PM
ello bloggie..hee..


hee..went to Ahbun's band concert..whoa..spent $8.70 on cab fare to reach lakeside..the cabby..wierd wierd one..his accent dun seem like a singaporean..and his hair is a long plaited pigtail~!!!so gross (>.<)~!!!yuckkkkksssss..while on the wae to sch..Foxy realised she did not bring the blur can she get =p..luckily der was dis ticketing counter..whoa..der wasn't many pple der as compared to talentime..hmm..i realised i am not those kind dat appreciate such band concerts..i was looking at the time..and time seems to crawl..hahaha..but nevertheless..those pieces they played were good \(^o^)/..hee..i wonder how issit like in VCH..can't wait to watch Jiayu's band concert der..hee..

headed to JP later for movie wif Birdy,Foxy and Jaws.."The Day After Tomorrow"..hee..while on our wae to the bus-stop..Birdy got frightened by dis orange-singlet man..hahaha..both of dem bei each other xia dao..hahaha..=p..den later Chang Chong and his grp of frens saw us..and the boys started to tease Chang Chong and Foxy..kept on pushing him to of dem den shouted "Foxy so sexy"..hahahaha..

the movie starts at 9.55pm..saw Vance der wif his gf..haha..hmm he looks so much better in home clothes..and his gf is wearing black too..haha..couple tee..left onli the first row..we decided to go JEC to try our luck..we practically was rushing der..hoho..luckily we got tickets of the back starts at 10.30..haha we thot is at 10.15..hee..oh yah..we saw dis indian guy on the mrt..ER XIN~!!!!his shirt was unbuttoned and was showing off his well-build chest~!!!!!(@-@)o..*pukes* disgusting he can get.."i'm so worried dat he will catch a cold man"..haha..

"The Day After Tomorrow" is a SUPERB & GREAT movie d(^o^)b d(^.-)b~!!!!!!!!it is very very worth of your time and money to catch dis show..the effects are amazing..and really keep you gripping on to the whole can feel as if you are in those never-wrecking situation..really kepe you focused fully on the screen and no where else..after watching dis show..suddenyl feel dat our lives are so fragile..and the dire consequences of over using fossil fuels..the global-warming..the melting of the ice caps..the floods..the destructive all these can many lives it will take away..must save our environment ler~!!!a highly-recommended show =)*~

saw the sneak preview of the soon-to-be realeased movie "GODSEND" seems to be a really nice and exciting abt human cloning..haha maybe it can be of sum help for our GP.. :)..hee..

took a cab to the cheese prata shop after the movie..haiz..the malay guy was not working todae..=(..haiz..den we saw Low-chia's "sister"..hahaha..Birdy was so observant..hee..walked to my house after eating..need to walk past ard 10 bus-stops to reach my was already 2am..hee..we got frightened by dis barking dog at first..haha..

watched tv ard 4am..and off we went to zzzzzzz..woke up at ard 12.30 the next woken up by Jaws and Foxy..haha..den the three of us went to wake Birdy up..watched xtina's tv special..and they went home after dat *sobz sobz*..hee..hope they can come and ton at my hse again =)*~!!!

hmm..i suspect my maid stole my money..not the first time ler..*shakes head*

hee..i dunnoe why i can't "post" ler..but nothing came out..hmm..hee..

cherryapples*: is dat you,YUERU =)~?????????!!!!!!!!!!!WEEEEEEEEEEEE WEEEEEEEEEEEE~!!!!how are you =)????hahaha..take you for granted =p..haha..hee..i chanced upon Peiqi's blog dat dae..hee..aniwae..Congrats to You for getting an A for your maths \(^o^)/ d(^-^)b o(^.-)o~!!!!i'm so happie for you.. :)..Keep up the good work ya =)*~!!!!

*withered*: weee weee Birdy~!!!hee..i thot you dun need my help ler =p..hee..Birdy..if you need ani help..feel free to ask me ya (^.-)~!!!!i will be most glad to help you =)*~!!!Thank You So Much for your compliment (^o^)/~!!!Love Ya too :)~!!!

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