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Wednesday, June 23, 2004
♠ 6/23/2004 07:36:00 PM
reality just sucks.just hurts.isn't it?

skipped sch these past two daes coz was simply tired from watching those exciting soccer matches late in the ALL WORTH IT :)~

haiz.when Sweden scored the late equaliser.2 vs 2.i felt so sad.Italy is crashed out of Euro Cup =(.some of the players fav goalkeeper-Buffon covered his face in shock & so saddening to see them in dis state.but dis is the harsh reality of soccer..of life..all of us have to accept it regardless if we like it or not.

haiz.recently i have dreamt of two sweet dreams.real sweet.the first dream:i dreamt of being a heroic.hee.was going in to dis restaurant in Tokyo Disneyland to meet my bf-Jang Hyuk(my fav korean actor),when i saw dis robber snatching a baby(??hee..wierd things happen in dreams) and ran away.i gave chase and soon i saved the bf came out and was so proud of me.we hugged and kissed.awwhhh :).and he piggy-back me around Disneyland much to the envy of others der.

and all thanks to my sisters' loud talkings dat woke me up and snapped me back to reality.yea.the harsh reality again.

the second as equally sweet.i dreamt dat i was going stead wif my friend's bf.hoho.and i was so happie.he came over to meet me and we held hands.and he piggy-back me too.lolx.wat a coincidence wif the first one.and we chanced upon my uncle's new mini mart.and he dropped me down when i saw my uncle.den we continued walking hands in hands.and i saw my old maid.scary-looking.i kept on avoiding her and was lowering my head all the while.He kept on asking me what's wrong.and we hurriedly crossed the roads.saw a taxi."best fren" came out.surprisingly,my bf knew her.shaked her hand and asked her how is she.yucks.i felt disgusted at dat time.pulled him away asking him wat he wanna eat.carrot cake was his ans.went to dis noisy & so smoky.dirty too.and he actually worked there.i was sitting at one corner while he was busy taking orders.i felt quite blessed at dat time.hmm.saw his shirt stained wif heart aches for ku ta ler.he said he is going to deliver food.i waited for him.and the dream abruptly.*hmphz*

forced myself to get back to the dreams esp the first matter how hard i just dun works.haiz.

yea.i noe "dreams=total opposite of the reality" sucks rite :(? or lose.dreams.bad or good.

no matter what..we have to accept it.dis is the REALITY of life~

"Denmark 2-2 Sweden. Send the SPHAGETTIS Out"..dis banner got me Laughing Out Loud~!!!

my youngest sis is currently obssessed wif England's Lampard =)~hee.dat hunkie.*drools*

the England vs Portugal match is gonna be REAL EXCITING~!!!

"*waves frantically to her partner in naughtiness* HHAHAHAHAHA"..
hee..Vicky..we are so so so BAD~!!!!skipped sch to watch the Euro Cup~!!!hahaha..
Thanks A Lot for being my Euro Cup partner-in-crime ne =)~!!!*huggies*

Pei Qi:
weeeeeeee PEI QI~!!!hee..yeapx..i am one soccer fanatic..haha..i jus read your
blog..Thanks A Lot to your father yea for making you to become one Euro Cup fan
\(^o^)/~!!!^^^^^^5555555~!!! was so great to have you as my Euro Cup & TV
alliance =)..hee..those sms we sent each other during the matches :)~hee..i'm
lovin' it =)~

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