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Saturday, June 19, 2004
♠ 6/19/2004 06:10:00 PM

hee..i met up wif Jaws and Foxy at Somerset at ard 11.45pm \(^o^)/..hee..and we were crapping all the wae while roaming ard Somerset :)..tinking of a place to spend the next 2 hours plus before the Italy vs Sweden match~!!!!!wooooo the end..decided on playing pool and Jaws brought us to dis place..really wulu..hee..but i love it..i hate playing pool wif mani pple der (>.<)..hee..der were onli 6 pple der(including us)..hee..oops..haha..not forgetting the Ah Pek working der =p..hee..i had A WHALE OF A TIME playing pool der \(^____________^)/..we were laughing most of the time..hee..and the one who "scored" the most balls in haf to treat us to supper..hee..& Jaws was giving us "qian bian wen da ti" to guess..hahaa..the submarine qn is a good one..haha..hee..i realised sumthing..the more you dun wanna shoot this particular ball in..the more dat particular ball will get in..wahaha..Foxy and Jaws: hee..rmb the black ball i shoot unintentionally..wahahaha

i saw two guys playing pool der too..hee den i told dem the next one who shoot a ball in will haf to hook up wif one of the guys der..
and..all thanks to my big was my turn next to shoot..and SO UNEXPECTEDLY..I SHOOT THE BALL IN~!!! was so funnie manz..WOW..den suddenly Foxy seem to be on top form..wahaha..and we came up wif: "scored the normal ball get one of the guy.." .. "scored the black ball..get a BONUS PRICE: THAT AH PEK WORKING THERE~!!!!" very funnie when you are preparing to hit the ball and when you picked up the strength to do it..YOU MISSED and the stick kind of "fly up into the air"~!!!wahaha..Jaws and I experienced dat..morale of the story "dun laugh at others..will haf retribution de"..wahaha..we even held a mini mini concert der..singing SHE songs etc..hee..whoa..the whole place was simply jus filled wif our endless laughter..hee..all thanks to our lame jokes~!!!!

hee..soon is 1 am plus and we made our wae to Plaza Sing for the soccer match d(^.-)b~!!!!woooo hooooo..i love the streets at ard dat time..traffic is quiet except for the large numbers of cabs..and soooooooooo few people for once in Orchard area..=p..hee

hee..collected our football COMBO meals..haha.."COMBO" INDEED~!! consists of a SMALL size popcorn and Large size drink~!!! costs $10..the tic and the meal..hee..and we were complaining why give SMALL size popcorn..
shld give a bigger size..but in the end..we were all disgusted by the popcorn..can't finish it..and it tasted soooooooo plain..eeeeee..and Foxy wanted to order sour popcorns and a cup of cappuncino..wahaha

hee..went in at ard 2am..whoa..der are quite a number of pple der ler..initially we thought der would onli be a small number of pple watching..but as it was approaching 2.45am..more and more people came..hee..quite surprised dat the theatre was almost 3/4 filled..=).. was 2.45am~!!!hee..MY FREDRIK LJUNBERG~!!!wa wa wa..Foxy and Jaws said he is not dat allrite.."beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"..haha..but Jaws and i agreed dat Svensson is handsome~!!!woo hoo..*drools at the sight of those handsome players" sad..too bad..Totti never played..haiz..saw him at the spectator area..his face was kind of sianz..felt quite sad for him..but he shldn't have spitted saliva at the denmark players..haiz

hee..dunnoe why dis match was so funnie..the keeper of Sweden kept on touching one of the player..machiam like a gay..and the Italy player opened his mouth so wide to sing aloud..hee..AND THE MATCH STARTED~!!!WHOA..i must sae dis is DEFINTELY THE MOST EXCITING MATCH yet..REALLY EXCITING..both teams were attacking so fast..esp the Italians..they had a great performance and the Italians gave their maximum and did really well..they created a lot of good chances..haiz..luck wasn't really on their side..
they missed so mani shots on goals..oohhh their goalkeeper did really well wonder he is the best goalkeeper in Italy :)..hee..i kinda like him too..a very nice keeper..good attitude..~can really see dat Italy wanted to win the match terribly..

second half was even more exciting~!!!!wooo hooo..Sweden's hunger for an equaliser spiced up the match..i was praying so hard dat Sweden will score..i dun want Italy to win..hee..and on the 85th minute..Sweden scored~!!!WOW..I WAS PRACTICALLY SCREAMING MY LUNGS OUT..
haha..& i was grabbing Jaws so hard and Foxy was trying to ask me to calm down..hahaha..tink i was the onli girl cheering so loudly der..haha..can see most of dem are Italy supporters..=p..hee..i was extremely soooooooo happie when Sweden scored d(^o^)b~!!!!hee..and the last 8 mins..whoa..THE MOST INTENSE part of the whole match..the Italians was chionging thier wae towards the goalpost..but they missed yet again..and Sweden was also not letting their guards down..

#both teams played really well..and i hope to see more of such matches..dis is one match which both teams are really putting in their utmost effort and on really top form..BRAVO~!!!!hee..I LOVE WATCHING IN THE CINEMA..i felt as if i am one of the spectators der in the stadium..i love the feeling..MISS IT SO MUCH~!!!!HOW I WISH I CAN WATCH THE NEXT ENGLAND MATCH IN THE CINEMA TOO~!!!

hee..after the fabulous match..walked ard somerset and waited for the first 143 to go eat cheese prata in pasir panjang
..hee..thought we can catch the night rider to Jaws's house..but the night rider services stopped ler..=(..saw dis wierd guy..look like a bouncer..i am still wondering why he wanna small change for..and the way he talks..huhz..wat was he blabbering abt..hmm..wierdo..haha

reached the prata shop at ard 6.30..the prata guy is not der again~!!!haiz..not fated..haha..the "dinosaur" tasted so wierdly..suan suan de..*yucks*..luckily the prata still not dat bad..hee..since the air in the early morning is so fresh..we decided to go to West Coast Park to walk walk
..hee..explore der..yoo hoo.. to noe dat Jaws is afraid of butterflies..hee..*evil grins*..=p..hee..Foxy: wat haf you learnt todae :)??
we strolled and strolled and soon..TADA~!!!WE SAW DIS HHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEE GROUP OF NS GUYS HAVING THIER MORNING EXERCISE ON THE FIELD DER~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SUCH A SPECTACULAR SIGHT..haha..took my breath away..wahaha..and der was dis lazy bum..never jump while doing jumping jacks..onli the hands moved (-.-)..
so obvious..he is the ONLY one not doing..aiyo..

we explored the..hee..dunnoe wat forest..haha..WAT A FOREST~!!! the end turned out to be a small area for fish..tortise watching..and we saw "Wendeline's scissors in the swamp"..wahaha..

slacked at MAC..ogle at those NS guys who was rushing to use the MAC toilet..hahaha..we left the park at ard 8.30 plus..we were so tired and sleepy..hee..i slept all the wae frm 9.30am to 3.45am~!!!hahaa..pig pig pig..hee..

I REALLY REALLY MISS THIS OUTING~!!!I HAD SUCH A WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL TIME~!!!!I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPIE =))) outing which the three of us had experienced many of our FIRST TIMES..hee..this outing is SIMPLY GREAT~!!!!!I LOVE IT SO MUCH~!!!!!!!!!!!*MUACKZ MUACKZ & HUGGIES for Jaws and Foxy*

hee..the precious soccer match ticket:

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