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Saturday, July 10, 2004
♠ 7/10/2004 02:45:00 PM
jus had the meet-the-parents session..luckily is my dad who went and not my mum..or else i will get a even more severe mum called my dad soon after and she only allows me to use the Net for ONE pathetic hour per dae..m(-.-) time to buck up too..perhaps dis will do me good..another 3 more months to go..jus haf to bear wif it..haf to start revising and be more serious ler..time is damn tight..

i hate uncle sim..stoopid computer technician..reformat my com and forgot to do a backup copy of all my files and pictures..shit him lar..all my nice nice pictures i saved frm all over the Net and those meaningful quotes i had saved..ALL GONE~!!!!all thanks to him..bastard..gundu uncle..

my parents jus bought a home theatre wif DVD player..the sound system..i thot i will like it..but wah damn loud when my sis went to play her noisy..irritating..jus get on my nerves..urgh..wonder whether will it haf almost the same kind of sound effects like those movies screening in cinema..but nevertheless..i am glad it has the dvd function..i can finally buy DVDs and watch ler..DVDs always haf those extra features compared to vcds..

jus now on my wae home..heard my dad talking to uncle richard..richard wanna my dad to lower the cost of his shop rent by 100..but my dad refused..and they talked for very long time and my dad was jus explaining the seem like dat richard jus can't understand and was giving reasons hoping my dad will agree to his request..and in the end..he requested for 50 dad sae can't too..seem like they had a heated arguement after it..i suddenly realised the importance of money..50 oso will cause a man to get angry..haiz..tink i shld not waste money ler..shld start to save up..i still haf to trouble over the 275 tution shld not haf spend the money away on useless stuff..

yesterdae went to town wif Jaws..Jiayu and Birdy..and later meet up wif Ahbun at Jocye Lim clinic at paragon..i love the inside..hee..kinda class..Hope dat joyce lim's products will help Ahbun =)~!!!hee..went to heeren after dat..hee..coz i wanted to buy dis pencilbox frm 37 degress..the pencilbox is soooooooooo nice..i fell in love at first sight..but sadly more stock so popular..gonna make a trip down to city hall der to try my luck again :)~hee..

went to Taka after dat..hee..for the food fest..wah..plenty of food der..all of diff varities..but is kinda the end..Ahbun's mother bought us curry puffs..ohmygod..the currypuffs are so crispy..and yet soft..haha..i love it..i am gonna get more of dem the next time i go to taka..simply delicious..*yummy*

hee..went to MOS after dat..and we chatted der till ard 6pm :)..hee..we planned to go to little india der for this facial treatment..those dat use strings or threads to thread your face..tink is called threading =p??haha..heard is very good and cheap..=)..hee..and we even talked abt our future weddings~!!!so cool..hee..wonder who will be the first among us to get married..hmm..(^o^)..

headed to raffles place after dat to meet my mum..SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE~!!!on my wae up the escalator..PEI SHAN CALLED ME~!!!!!!!!!!i was so shocked..and even more shocking was dat she was at raffles place too~!!!!haha..she saw me and shouted for me..haha..but i din heard it..hee..wah..i immediately went to look for her..hee..kinda happie to see totally unexpected~!!!hee..she changed her hairstyle one again..but she still look great as to noe it was her first dae of orientation in..haha..napfa or??haha..i forgot the name of her sch ler..oops..hee..and she is appointed the class rep too~!!!hee..catch up wif her while she was waiting for her usual..a guy..haha..glad dat she is still wif her orange juice..6 months ler..hee..her longest relationship so far =)~..hee..she told me she saw yueru recently in PS wif a guy..not bernard..hee..and she said dat yeuru told her Pei Qi almost forgot who Pei Shan is oredi..haha..Pei Qi..maybe we shld all meet up one dae??hee..

Pei Shan actually wanted to ask me out..but she got a feeling dat i will be busy..and when she was standing der in raffles place waiting for her fren..she was tinking whether she will see me ard fated..hee..was quite happie to hear dat..hee..i wonder when will we get to meet again..=)~

"is jus so hard to please gets damn sickening for having to pacify you always..can't you be more considerate..dun be so fucking narrow-minded..things can never go back to wat we used to be..and is all your fault..YES..YOUR FAULT~!!!"

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