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Monday, July 26, 2004
♠ 7/26/2004 02:05:00 PM
YOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO~!!!!I'M BACK~!!!!CRISTIANO'S DARLING IS BACK~!!!!!!hahaa..seem like mani of our blogs start wif i'm back..missed me?haha..tada:

Birdy's blog: Hey ! Hey ! I'm back !! Guys, miss me?
Jaws's blog: I'm BaCK~! guys missed me?

hee..BIRDY~!!!!!weeeeee weeeeeeeee~!!!! entry no longer starts wif "True Love blah blah blah" ler \(^o^)/..haha...FINALLY..i update my blog..ALL FOR YOUR SAKE =)~!!!!!!!hee..*touched*???haha..aye..can i appeal for a lighter sentence =p??pleasssseeeeee...(T.T)

hee..woo hoo..i had GREAT fun on last fridae and saturdae d(^.-)b~!!!!

.::. FRIDAY .::.

hee..Ahbun and Foxy came to my house~!!!!!hee...coz Ahbun wanna design sumthing for her destinee for their one year anniversary~!!!!! sweet ne..haha..but the girl making this special present could have been ME~!!!!*hmphz*..haha..aniwae..we went to JE to haf our lunch and headed to my home after dae..woo..before dat..they were quite embarrassed when i started talking so loudly abt botak guys on the bus~!!!!hee..oohhh..saw dis cute guy on the bus too..sleeping so a little i wish i can prey on him..haha

hee..i lied to Foxy dat is my youngest sister's birthdae and lied to Ahbun dat i got a dog at home..whoa..she was afraid of i like to lie to her even more abt the doggie..hoho..started to use photoshop to edit pictures..we were jus laughing throughout the editing session..hee..sumthing unhappy happened between us later..over me lying to them abt the birthday party and dogs..hmm..hee

went to meet Pei Qi and Afsheen later at cine =)~!!!!!..FINALLY..we met up..hee..i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw Afsheen..hahaa..after like abt 19 mths?haha..SHE IS STILL THE SAME OLD AFSHEEN~!!!!!her bombastic hair..her long eyelashes..her dirty and stained uniform..hahaa..sumthings jus never changes eh :)..hee.."hahah..i couldnt stop saying 'hello' to charisteas coz i havent seen her in a gazillionbillion years!!!!hahah..and so did puisin" quoted frm Pei Qi's bloggy :)~

ps: hee..coz simply der are so many funnie and interesting things to blog abt our thoughts..hee..i will continue blogging again.. o(*^.^*)o

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