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Saturday, August 07, 2004
♠ 8/07/2004 12:29:00 PM
hee..i am now "IN THE MOOD FOR BLOGGING" mode..hohoho..and oso in the craze mood of posting the latest celebrity's pics~!!!!they are too fabulous..too irresistable dat i simply haf to post dem up..haha..and not to mention they are my idols too (=^~^=)/~!!!!


She's now the Latest GUESS Model o(@o@)o~!!!!!!!!!!!
skanky..but yet beautiful...i dun understand how come sum mags vote her to be the worst-dressed celebrity..i really tink she has a sense..she never fails to attract me..but sadly..those nice clothes dat she wore can onli be seen ONCE since she said before dat she will NEVER wear the same clothes twice~!!!hahaa..

(haha..jus wanna show how popular dis pair of shoes is..i LOVE dis pair of shoes a lot~!!!!!!! fav Ayu wore it too

GUESS always finds girls that make boys not wanting to buy their jeans, but to take them off..(-.-)..hahaa..

for the offical GUESS AD(the file size is too large :) ):

and Britney's turn~!!!!hahaa..though those pics of her are candid shots..and since is candid shots..hee..she dun look flattering at main purpose is to promote a shirt of hers dat she wore.."I'M A VIRGIN" tee~!!!!

DOESN'T SHE LOOK SO COOL in the neon orange and pink wear??the pink "Von Dutch" hotpants is SO HOOOOTTTTTT~!!!!!*starts to sing "is getting hot in take off all your clothes"..*she looks so case you are wondering who is the guy..hee..he is none other than her beau~!!!!!they do look compatible yea..hee..he looks like a cross between justin timberlake and kevin richardson..haha..but dis guy is a TOTAL JERK~!!!!!he dumps his girlfriend of two years for may not dat wrong not a jerkish thing at human nature blah blah..pple do dump pple..for the sake of a new party..third party..blah blah..but..the gf he dumps..IS PREGNANT WIF HIS CHILD~!!!!TWO MONTHS PREGNANT~!!!!and they are engaged if i am not wrong..haiz..JERK~!!!!!but..hahaa..he is quite sexy~!!!!

hee..and for those who starts to tink..wah..she so thick-skinned longer a virgin..still dares to wear "i'm a virgin shirt"..isn't it funnie blah blah..hee..

LOOK CAREFULLY at those small little tiny words beneath the sentence "I'M A VIRGIN"..

those words are............."BUT THIS IS AN OLD SHIRT"..........

HAHAAHAHAA...i was shocked too..hahaa..CLEVER CLEVER idea~!!!!wat a tee manz~!!!!so creative arz dis spiffy shirt of hers..i LOVE dis tee cool~~!!!!!!

it oso came in white and pink letterings too..found dis in eBay :

hee..dat's all for now,folks =)~!!!!

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