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Tuesday, August 10, 2004
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yuppie..i jus watched "The Village" wif Foxy,Jiayu & for me..i like it a lot..i love the way the story twists..the ending though was abrupt but at least it does has an understandable and commendable ending..a happy one too..and a logical least not like some movies..which keep you in suspense and in the end..ending seems as if no logical explanation to their plots etc..dis kind of movies den sucks..hahaa..although I was expecting a better thriller made by Shymalan, what I got instead was a story worth really worth it :)~ the moments that were meant to be scary most certainly were..maybe for me onli~!!!!coz i was the onli one who screamed in the whole theatre dat was full of people (-.-)..even a scene filmed in complete daylight became eerie..thanks to Shyamalan's incredible directing skills \(^o^)/..i ALWAYS LOVE his works~!!!!!"Signs" was a GREAT movie too..hee..i can't wait for his next production~!!!!

hee..met up wif Jaws and Foxy at Cine first at ard 3 coz left onli the first 3 rows in sold out really fast...and while waiitng for them..i saw dis two kids..ard the age of P5/6?and the boy is an ang mo..quite cute-looking..hee..and the girl beside him is a chinese..and the girl was talking on the phone..and when she hanged up..both of dem immediately hugged each other (-.-)..touching here and young onli lo~!!!!!and later on..i saw dem again..dis time..the boy was behind her putting his hands on the girl's waist..ohmy..i can't believe it..SOOOOO YOUNG ONLI~!!!!!*pengz*..nvm..hee..soon Foxy and Jaws arrived..luckily the show at 4.45 still has some good seats left..hoho ard 3 plus..Jiayu arrived~!!!!!she jus had an unhappy incident wif dis stoopid goon doon taxi driver..sum taxi drivers jus sucks manz~!!!!!nvm..talking abt dem makes my blood boils..

hee..we went to TAKA crowded..queues were extremely long..coz of the 20% storewide discount they had..saw sum really nice notebooks..but they cost a staggering $20 sumthing..and later Jaws took us to visit the art gallery dwnstairs..WOOOOOOOOO..THOSE ART PIECES WAS MARVELLOUSLY PAINTED~!!!!!!!*jus takes our breathe away*..i was totally swooned by it..but sum paintings were really ugly??hahaa..thier prices even uglier.."20/35/100" thousands reminds me of a painting i REALLY LOVE..i saw the painting at raffles place dat is a painting of a Eunuch and a Concubine..the Eunuch is combing the hair of the Concubine..i dunnoe why but it jus captivates me totally..though as if i am the eunuch or concubine inside the pic..stood der admiring for ard 15 mins..haha..

went MOS burger for a drink and as usual..we were rushing to catch our movie..hohoho..took bus after dat to Suntec..initially wanted to haf our dinner der..but coz of the heavy traffic..the bus took ard 30 min to reach and by dat time..not enuff time for us to haf our dinenr ler..oh yah..did i mention dat the queues was damn long for all those food outlets..?YES..HORRIBLY LONG~!!!!der was dis shocking "pple blockage" at suntec's entrance too..we settled for Auntie first time trying..*YUMMYLICIOUS*..the cinnamon sugar was very nice..recommended by Jaws..i gonna try other flavours next time..hee..and to FOXY: THANKS A LOT for not helping me to tell Jiayu dat you are holding on to her auntie annes..WAHAHAHAHA =p"

hee..and as usual again..we were making our way fast to esplanade to catch the fireworks..vroom vroom..and not surprisngly..many many many pple were der..traffic was chaotic..finally squeezed into dis spot and settled for it..waited for a while and TADA~!!!!!!!!!!


but lasts liek less den 5 mins..and they are not very nice?coz lai lai qu qu is the same kind of patterns..and the colours little variety...haiz..i thot Singapore's team was sooooo lousy..but hee hee..i jus got to noe dat dat was not done by our team but by HongKong team~!!!!boo boo..hee..Singapore's team will be showing dis sundae..and it is said to be the longest and grandest~!!!!8 mins~!!!!!wooooooooo hoooooooooo...SO EXCITED~!!!!!

after the nice fireworks..hee..we had to squeeze wif the pool of people AGAIN~!!!!took us 15 mins plus to squeeze out of a mere distance of like 20 metres??less den dat i tink??so you can imagine even worse den those pop idol's concert..

hee..made our way to dis japanese restaurant at Suntec and i saw my cousins..hee..met up wif Yoke San too..luckily we reached der jus in time before thier last order..their chciken katsudon..hmm..i dun like..the rice kind of sucks..too dry??so little sauce..but the chicken is nice..hee..took cab home wif Foxy and Jaws after dat..hee..Jiayu & Yoke San went dating =)~

ooohhh..i forgot to blog abt the tedious walking we had for hitching a cab..hee..we walked here and der..many cabs..but all hired..and so mani pple waiting for cabs too..and der is dis GAY who was wearing the forbidden red singlet snatched a cab frm us~!!!!!i hope your mouth will be infested wif faggots soon and you will not be able to get a wife or a husband~!!!!you disgrace all the GAYS manz~!!!!!!!!hope when you do such a henious act will get beaten up by sum bengs..serves you right..JUS YOU WAIT~!!!!I STRONGLY BELIEVE IN RETRIBUTION~!!!!!

and..urrgghhh..the cab uncle..stoopid lar he..asked him to stop for me at dis traffic light so i can take a bus home and no need to make one big round back..he bloddy hell never stops and drove away..sickening..nvm..RETRIBUTIONS JUS AWAITS YOU~!!!!hohohoho

hee..another GREAT & FUN day spent =))))~!!!!!hee..though the fireworks was not as nice as i expected..hee..but the company i had compensate it :)~!!!!!

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