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Saturday, August 07, 2004
♠ 8/07/2004 01:48:00 PM
weeeeee~!!!hahaa..dis is the..hmm..4th post of the dae~!!!!hahaha..the mood for blogging hasn't ease yet..hoho..and i must blog abt the GREAT dae i had yesterdae..=)

hee..yesterdae was such a FUN day~!!!!!!my sch was celebrating National Day..and we were being assembled at the field..luckily the ground was not muddy..hee..we sang sum of the national dae songs..haha..quite loudly at it too..haha..tink we were the onli ones dat were so enthu at singing..v(^o^)v..and we recite the "Recollections"..."I Have No Right..I Have No Say..I Long To Be Free One Day" was suppose to be quite serious when you are reciting..but we apparently was laughing when reciting..=p..keke

soon..we were sent off to the grandstand to watch the soccer match between JJ and Civics Defence division..BOOOOOOOOOOO...WAT A BORING MATCH~!!!!!not to mention the lousy too..onli noes how to say "nice ball..nice try..blah blah"..always the same old words..*shakes head*...WAT A BIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGG CONTRAST BETWEEN DIS LOUSY MATCH AND THE FABULOUS EURO MATCHES~!!!!!!!!!!!i was really wondering how could anione got so excited over dis jj match??!!!!cheering and cursing..i dun understand these all so hype up over dis match dat is so damn untolerable to watch..boooo boooo booooo..not to mention the weather was freaking hot too..haha..the funnie thing is..our class girls were all sitting down as normal..suntanning..not complaining much abt the heatness..

and later we turned around..TO MY "HORROR" & AMUSEMENT...those boys in my class..



and so qiao..the sch was playing "Count on me Singapore"..and Miss Wun was commenting how to count on them to defend singapore..LOL...and she took pics of them..hahahaa..and we took a class photo too~!!!!YEAH =)~!!!!i love her cam..the cam Ayu endorses for..Panasonic LUMIX..woo lala

after the celebrations..dun even seem like is celebrating Singapore's birthday..
hee..we went to eat our breakfast at JEC..hee..MY FAV OISSHI JAP FOOD~!!!!CHICKEN KATSUDON~!!!!!hoho..after dat..Ahbun took us to dis shop..a new shop..called "RED MAN"..which sells only baking stuff..WOW~!!!THEY HAVE EVERYTHING DAT YOU NEED FOR BAKING DER~!!!!!!!d(^o^)b~!!!!hee..we spent quite some time der..coz der are so mani interesting things to look at...hee..and der was dis irritating worker der who kept on following us..observing sickening..(-.-)

hee..went to je lib after shopping at NTUC wif Shi Ying & Jaws..aaaaaahhhhh...i got a severe stomache after dat..haha..hee.. i finally found the book i was lookg for such a long time ne..=) called the "The Girls of Emerald Hill" a fantastic book..hee..recommend it to Foxy who meet us later :)..she oso finds the book NICE..hee..

hee..soon is 2.30..went to meet up wif Shi Ying after her piano lesson..and off we go to Birdy's house \(^.-)/~!!!!!!!

hee..Ahbun had almost complete her cheesecake when we reached..hee..and Shi Ying starts to work on the choco biscuits~!!!!!hee..for me who is not doing anithing..hahaa..went to use the Net~!!!! to noe my fren..Keck Soon was being nominated for the school belle and beau contest..haha..he even used the frienship between us to threaten me to vote for him~!!!!wat a friend..wahahaha..he better treats me even better after i vote for him..lalala

aniwae..hee..later everyone was busy in the kitchen..hee..Birdy was cooking her "na shou hao cai"..FRIED RICE~!!!!!!hee..ooiiiisssshhhhiiiii ne d(^0^)b~!!!!!!esp the luncheon meat..*yums yums*..Jaws and Shi Ying was making biscuits..Jiayu and Ahbun was doing the cake..and left me and Foxy outside using the Net.. :)..ooohhh...we did help to pound the digestive biscuits..haha..and i ate two of dem too..haha..and Ahbun and Foxy was callng Jaws out to catch me eating again~!!!!wahahahaa..

later when everything is almost done..some of us use the net..and Ahbun went to do a bra fashion conical manz she ^-^...and some of us watched tvvvv shows..haha..Foxy is really crazy over mr bean cartoons..=p

hee..ard 7.30pm..time for dinner~!!!!hee..we left Birdy's hse..and Foxy..Shi Ying and me decided to go bukit timah to eat.. WA WA WA WA WA...MY PASIR PANJANG PRATA GUY~!!!!!!!!he mus be so sad and disappointed dat i never go to patronise thier shop..never go see him..haiz...haiz..wa wa wa..hahaha..hee Birdy went wif us too..hee..she is meeting her friends..DOM..haha..he..hmm..still the same old dom..haha..

we had fun chatting till ard 9.30 d(^-^)b~!!!!!!!time really flies when you are having fun =(..bade farewell to Birdy..and we decided to walk to Shi Ying's at Sunset Way~!!!!...hee..can burn off calories and admire the night scenery..=)..we talked abt our experiences and thoughts of OBS =)..gosh..i really miss an experience i will never forget in my life..and i still rmb my instructor..who IS SUCH A HUNK~!!!!hahaa..looks like thomas ong~!!!!OBS ROCKS~!!!!hee..reached sunset way at ard 10.30 and took a cabby home..

last but not least..hee..the group pics we took at Birdy's house o(*^-^*)o~!!!!!!!FINALLY~!!!!!!!FINALLY~!!!!!FINALLY ALL OF US TOOK A PIC TOGETHER (^o^)(^o^)(^o^)(^o^)(^O^)(^o^)(^o^)~!!!!!!!!!!!!

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