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Wednesday, September 01, 2004
♠ 9/01/2004 04:11:00 PM
GOSH..FINALLY..FINALLY Blogger allows me to blog..haiz..blogspot seems to be dwn wif some virus mani problems arise frm it..*shakes head*

aniwae..i haf so much to blog about..hee..but due to dis bio mock paper i am having TMR..and bloody hell..i am still stuck in page 32..when i need to study till page 134..hahaa..i shall blog only yesterdae =))~!!!!

the title of dis entry of mine:


hee..yesterdae was Teacher's Day..hee..had the ACERS day workout which are actually those JJ dances..hee..Thanks to dat...I GOT TO SEE MY CRUSH DANCING~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOSH..I WAS SO EXCITED AND HAPPY OVER IT manz \(^_________^)/~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HE IS REALLY A GREAT DANCER~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHAKES REALLY WELL..AND VERY FLEXIBLE...AAAWWWWWWHHHHHH (*.*)..*drools*..I LOVE HIS DANCE MOVES..SO SEXY..took my breathe away..hee..

after dat it was the concert..hmm..not a very nice concert..i really like Crescent's concert..SO MUCH NICER~!!!!!!JJ's ones was tremendously boring..haiz

heee..after dat..we stayed back in the hall to give Miss Wun a surprise..hee..the boys in our class shot a wrestling video and they played the video for Miss Wun and us to see..hilarious factor:10/10~!!!!!they are really GREAT actors i must say..their fighting moves were so real..and Fazal's body is so hot~!!!!!!!!hahaha..they can really fights manz..bravo d(^o^)b..but one guy simple spoils the vidoe leh..dat stoopid monkey..TAN CHUN GUAN..ycuks lo..lousy actor..boooooo...

our class was laughing throughout the watching of the wrestling video..Glendon..our "hero"..hahaa

later on..we surprise Miss Wun wif a cake..hee..can see she is really happy..hee..and touched too by our class scrapbook we made for her..=))~

went to find the rest of our teachers to give dem the cards we made for dem..hee..Miss Chew..Madam Tay and esp Mrs Low were really happy ne =))~hee..shook their hands and wish dem "Happy Teacher's Day"..heee

headed to JEC for our breakfast after dat wif Birdy,Jaws & Ah Ying =))~hee..and at before 12..we made our way to JE lib and saw San San and Ye Ye..oooohhhh..der was a big crowd of pple waiting to rush in to get seats ler..hee..I MET JASLYN TOO =))))~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE HER~!!!!!!!!!!!!hee..we really had so much to chat about (*^.^*)..gonna do some real catching up after A's manz..i was really very happy to noe she and her bf are still goign on strong..hee..I MISS HER LOTSA~!!!can't wait for A's to be over and we can meet up again :)~!!!!

finaly..the doors are opened..hahaa..Birdy and Jaws was really fast in finding a table..haha..i saw dem at the escalator..wif onli a few pple between us..and BOOM..soon..they are GONE~!!!!!haahaha..lcukily Jiayu told me before Birdy loves to study at third level..heee..and i finally found dem..haha..thye can take part in the amazing race ne..^-^..heee..

study..den slack..haha..went to the cafe to get some oreo cheesecake..*yummylicious*..but kinda full after dat..hoho..went up again..studied a bit..looked around..and...TADA~!!!!!!!!SPOTTED A CUTE GUY ACROSS OUR TABLE~!!!!!!!!!!!!!Birdy said he looks like Susilo..hee..really looks alike wor..cute factor :8/10..hee..sumore one particular feature of his dat make him even cuter is HIS HUGE FLAPPY EARS..does dat reminds you of a character??

YES~!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU GOT IT RIGHT~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DUMBO..DUMBO THE FLYING ELEPHANT... guys shld probably noe who Dumbo is rite..hee..isn't he such an adorable elephant..wif his big flappy ears~!!!and his little yellow hat..haha..

i tink the cute guy's ears' cells are dividing rapidly during the log phase..really rapidly i mean..coz his ears are i assume many of his cells undergo mitosis and the size of his ears increases kinda unlogical..( - . -) guys must be curious to noe how cute the guy really he looks like...and how much of a similarity he has shared wif the Dumbo..haha..

HOLD YOUR BREATHE.................................

THE CUTE GUY~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aye???dun really looks like the Dumbo elephant leh..



GOSH..i tink it is super mean of me to do dat..*PRAYING HARD DAT NO RETRIBUTION WILL BEFALLEN ON ME" guys must be wondering how come i got a pic of him..hmm..aniwae..i got MANY pics of him..hahahaa..BIRDY AND ME SECRETLY TOOK DEM (^0^)///~!!!!!!!!!haahaha..AREN'T WE PRO??Birdy..hee..tink we shld become secret detectives or spies..haha..and DIS IS THE FIRST TIME BIRDY IS SO ENTHU in doing things~!!!!!hee..coz the camera no batt ler..hee..and LUCKILY..Jiayu got spare batteries..but is hidden inside the caculator's casing..and needs to unscrew dem to get the batteries out..BIRDY TOOK OUT DIS SCISSOR IMMEDIATELY AND BEGAN TO UNSCREW IT..haahaha...she is so "zhuan xin" ne~!!!!guess we were more enthu is takign pics of the cute guy den flipping and reading of our bio textbooks..hahahaa

PS: IF ANYONE OF YOU NOES WHO IS HE..or gosh..IF YOU (the cute guy) IS READING THIS..PLEASSSSEEEEEE CONTACT ME BY LEAVING YOUR CONTACT NUMBER IN my doodle board..PLEASEEEEEE...I WOULD REALLY LOVE TO MAKE FRIENDS WIF YOU(let's meet up and take the Dumbo ride in theme parks together??)..and i promise i will not make fun of YOU animore..AND I WILL DEVELOP AN EXTRA SET OF THE PHOTOS OF YOU DAT WE TOOK AND GIVE IT TO YOU..i'm sure you will want dem ya =)??


hee..i will blog more abt it later on..coz my bio textbook is "harassing" me now to focus on him and stop tinking..dreaming abt longer Dumbo the flying elephant..but..DUMBO THE CUTE LIB GUY~!!!!

( - . -;;)

i noe is lame..haha..

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