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Saturday, October 02, 2004
♠ 10/02/2004 08:36:00 PM
der is dis online petition going on bring jeassea back into the competition..those people who started it are really

DUMB ASS~!!!!!!!

haf they ever watch american idol?

this is the eliminating round..der is NO such thing as bringing back the eliminated no matter how many thousands of people signed the petition..jeassea won't be back..LUCKILY..

jolly blame all those who tink jeassea deserved to be in..but never vote for her..wat's the use for a petition now~!!!!

the results are FINAL~!!!!jeassea is out..reality check people~!!!!

this is reality tv~!!!!

i am so glad when ken lim shoots back at david yesterdae for making rude reply at the judge and questioning him back..he is silly..fancy making such a reply reflects badly on him..shows dat he is a rude guy..yucks..serves him right~!!!!can't blame him i guess..typical ah beng style..

and gurmit singh..i dunnoe why..i find him a pervert..always trying to take advantage of the girls..(>.<)

i was shocked by the results..i did not expect jerry to get into the next round..but hey..he did make some improvements already..and he is not the one who cause jeasea to be out..FOR GOODNESS SAKE~!!!!!i dun understand why everyone is blaming him for it..those are a bunch of immature idiots~!!!!!!!!those who supported jeassea but never vote for her den shld take the blame..

douglas is the worst judge ever..his comments jus dun make ani sense..unliek ken lim whose comments are den worth listening to..douglas..oops..i mean DOG LESS..seriosuly dun derserve to be the judge..ugly hairstyle..ugly dressings..ugly body..ugly face..even 8 days was dissing him abt how worthless and senseless his comments are..he is a pain to watch..

der is no one i really like on SI..

nvm..heard frm Shawn dat The Amazing Race 6 will be back~!!!!!!!!I CAN'T WAIT~!!!!!!!!TAR IS DEFINITELY THE BEST REALITY-TV EVER~!!!!!!!!MUCH BETTER DEN SI..AI..SURVIVOR..blah blah..

oh..some demonstrators of taiwan jus burnt our uncivilised can they get..they even instigate their citizens to stop taking SIA flights..childish acts..childish people..

world peace..*rolls eyes*

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