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Sunday, October 03, 2004
♠ 10/03/2004 05:24:00 PM
WAH..FINALLY..finally blogger no longer has ani problems in posting..weeeeee...

hmm..i jus said some lies recently..but..they are all white lies..der is no bad intention of saying dem..i just hope dat you will not get angry if you ever find out the truth..i hope you will understand..

8th of Oct will be the official last day for J2..time really flies..

since last week..i had a family discussion over where are we going to have our vacation dis year..sad sad sad..*disappoinment was wat my sis and i felt*

korea and hongkong..

how sucky can it will be the second time i will be holidaying in korea and hongkong..i hate that..i wanna go to a country i have never been experience etc..i wanna go to a western australia or new zealand..

yea..i love to ski..and i am telling my Mum i wanan go for skiing dis korea isn't a bad choice afterall..i can ski der for two days..but dat's the onli thing i am looking forward to..

all thanks to my relatives who all insisit on going to korea and hongkong &%#$@&*$%^@..coz they have never been der my whole family haf to accomodate dem since my parents sae going vacation wif a big group of family is much more fun den jus our family alone...huh??we all not fun to go wif mer (-.-)??

my Mum persuaded dem to go other countries like new zealand(*yeah*)..but they object &%*#$%@$%^*&%$@..said is too far..watever..dis particular grp of my relatives already grumbling abt extending 2 days to go hongkong..they can jolly well GO BACK TO SINGAPORE IMMEDIATELY AFTER KOREA..we dun mind..even better..they can jus stay put in singapore and my family can happily go to new zealand..

nah..dat's not going to happen..sadddddddddddd..=((

i dun mind not going wif sis will be happier if they dun go..coz one of my cousin likes my sis and we often tease sis felt so restricted and awkward being around wif him..but my mum said the more the merrier..and the whole tour bus will be fully booked by us sad it will be..coz DER WILL BE NO CHANCE OF A SHUAI GE IN OUR TOUR GRP..uurrggghhh..

suan ler..since my Mum so suportive of my relatives..i am going to spend lotsa and lotsa money shopping der..burn a hole in her wallet..


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