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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
♠ 1/04/2005 06:04:00 PM

HAPPY 2005 =))~!!!!!!!!!a brand new year..a brand new layout :))~i love dis layout a lot <3..i am so proud of myself for creating dis layout..hee

\(^o^) 30th Dec (^o^)/

JJ's prom night :)..the whole event was kinda disorganised..i thot it will be something grand?gosh..i was kinda disappointed..the whole decorations look so cheapo..and the food was nice..but the queues were all so long..din really hav a chance to taste all the food der..

to tink mr koh claimed dat they spent $30,000 on dis event..

Stormhouse..hmm..the lights..the music was great~!!!but definitely not the atmosphere..i mean onli like a few people were dancing..too bad..the vibe jus wasn't der..

but was kinda fun and enjoyable..why?coz of the GREAT COMPANY I HAD..MY PRECIOUS "ENEMIES" :))~without matter how great and grand the whole decoration will be useless..THEY ARE THE ONES THAT TRULY MATTERS AND MADE THIS EVENT AN ENJOYABLE ONE =))~

hee..we took lotsa and lotsa pics too..the photos have all been uploaded to our yahoo groups :)) we have a total of four yahoo groups~!!!!

left sch at 11.30 for our clubbing session..hee..Jaws's brother drove us to Double O..and is my FIRST time clubbing wor (^.-)~!!!oohhh..i saw Benjamin der too..kinda shocked..coz he is not what i expect him to be :)..hee..and saw mani JJs peeps too..even JING HUA WAS DER TOO~!!!! shocked wor to see him..

Double O..hee..quite nice i must sae..but sadly..i dun really like the music..all R&B since thurs is R&B night..i want techno~!!!!hohoho..we danced and drank vodka too..wooooooo..

clubbing quite fun wor..haha..i dun mind going clubbing again..(^.^)..hee

left der at around 2.30..and we saw mani JJs leaving too..and weide's frens was complaining dat Cheeky Monkey machiam is a gay pub..many guys der..and one of dem said "he brushed against dis guy and he immediately went out ler"..HAHAHA.. back oso brushed against dis guy~!!!!haha..dis guy is super cute lo..hee..and i was gushing to Shi Ying..(*.*)

Jaws's brother drove us home~!!!yipeee..saved a lot on cab fare :)~!!!hee..Thank You,Jaws =))~!!!

overall..i enjoyed myself a lot todae and experience many new stuff..clubbing..make up..hoho..

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