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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
♠ 1/11/2005 05:54:00 PM
hee..had a farewell dinner wif Fazal and my "enemies" (except Foxy and Ahbun) yesterdae :)) was to bid Fazal goodbye for his departure into Police Academy (T.T)..

we met them at ard was suppose to be 6.30..but Fazal said he kena held up by the clinic and can onli meet me at 7 at JP..and i thot he will inform my "enemies" about it..but he tot i will inform them..alas..Shi Ying called me ard 6.30 and said they had already arrived..hee..communication breakdown (^.-)..hoho

took a cab der and yay~!!!met up with dem at bukit timah prata shop and ordered our food :)..aaahhh the nasi goreng ayam is very nice..but den..i got stomachache after usual..haha..

we crapped and talk lotsa about our days in college =))..2 years jus flew by so fast..had a whale of a time chatting wif them..minus my stomachache..hee

headed to Mac after dat..wanted to sit der longer and chat..but dis group of stoopid girls stared at us fiercely waiting for us to leave..dey are a bunch of i wish they will have stomachache 10 times worse den mine..

hee..our crapping session continued in MAC..and we talked a lot about best friend..all the evil things she had done to us..onli has bad things to talk about her..coz der is nothing good about her..

headed home at ard 10 plus..hee..took cab home..and goodness me..the cab driver kept on singing~!!!wah lau eh..if he is handsome and has a nice voice..i dun mind..but den he is an UNCLE..and his voice (-.-)..even i can sing better den him..haha..

hee..received two msgs from Fazal dis morning..aaawwwhhhh..i was so touched by wat he wrote :))~i am REALLY VERY GLAD to have him as my Best Friend =))..I'M TRULY BLESSED <3 <3 <3~

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