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Tuesday, February 15, 2005
♠ 2/15/2005 05:54:00 PM
i am back from Chiangmai =(((..i miss the place soooo muchie..esp the guys der..haha..let me pen down my wonderful memories spent over at the wonderful place..

~9th of Feb~

left my hse ard 9.30am and as uncles and their families have already arrived..such a heartwarming sight to see all of my relatives welcoming each other happily..reached bangkok for transit and finally reached Chiangmai at ard 5 plus..whoa.. shuai ges in my tour group..onli uncles and aunties (-.-)..went to Old Chiangmai Cultural Centre for our dinner..the food was okay onli..der is another spore tour group der..haha..still got a thai girl singing songs to entertain us..and two thai girls in some tribe costume going around us to take pics and gave us dis flower necklace..and they developed the photos to sell to business deal..haha..

checked in at Duangtawan Hotel(i love it)..and once i stepped into der..i already bio-ed at dis handsome bellboy..haha..luckily our hotel is jus directly in front of the night bazzar..

all of us went to walk and shop at the pasar malam..super long pasar malam..super crowded too..mostly are ang mos der wor..though the pasar malam is super long..but their things are repeative..walk a few stalls down and you see the same kind of things again..the onli diff is the price and the shopkeeper's attitude..some are very nice..some are jus rude and stubborn..

i bought a roxy shirt der for onli sing $5..haha..bargained though =p..

walked till we took a break at the burger king..they sold banana split der~!!!for onli less den sing $ cheap..

ard 10pm..we all chionged back to the hotel for our massage session..damn cheap..two hours of whole body massage..onli costs sing $12..haha

the massage is quite shiok wor..fell asleep several times..

~10th of Feb~

woke up at ard 5am plus for we have a flight to catch to the long neck village..upon reaching the youngest sister was not feeling well..and the flight kept on delaying from 9.10am to 11 am..and lastly they announced is cancelled~!!!!wah seh..all of us were so disappointed..coz the weather der is too foggy dat they can't even see the airport..and during dis period of waiting in sis vomitted several times..

went to dis place for buffet..wah seh..their goreng pisah is sooooooo nice~!!!had a very full lunch..feel so bloated..haha..and after dat my parents went wif my sis back to the hotel and later send her to the hospital coz her condition worsens..

the rest of us toured dis gems exhibition..bird nest shop..leather shop..and dis place where people manufatures paper and paint it..kind of a handicraft cousin starts the ball rolling by letting them paint two birds on the back of his shirt..followed by me..letting them pay a butterfly on my skirt..super beautiful~!!!!!everyone sae is so nice~!!!and the person who paited for me took less den 5 mins~!!!super pro~!!!and onli costs sing $ cheap~!!!

went back to the hotel and followed my parents to the hospital to fetch my sis..took tuk-tuk fun~!!!haha..their hospital really cannot make it..their toilets mahciam is like those toilets in sing kopitiam..very dirty..and they dun even have a pillow for my sis..haf to use blanket as a pillow (-.-)..and the nurses wore casual clothes..and their bed..ohmy..halfway got people walked into my sis's ward to move toilet bowl..damn pathetic..and dat hospital is the best in Chiangmai..goodness me..

after dinner was "ah gua" show..haha..overall the effects and costumes of the ah gua show not dat bad..a bit boring though..these two ah guas went to push some guys face right into their breasts..and kissing them profusely..hahaha..

took pics wif some ah guas der..not much pretty ones der though..and sadly..i lost my camera pouch der :(..

went for another massage session again~!!!haha..dis time one more people went..and dis uncle of mine kept on snoring and i kept on laughing till the person can't massage for me properly..haha..

~11th of Feb~

woke up at ard 6 plus..hee..visited the orchid farm..their orchids very pretty~!!!

and next stop was the Maesa elepahnt camp~!!!!!!!!!!!!!weeeeee...watched the elephant show..SUPER FUNNY AND ENTERTAINING~!!!the elephants are really obedient and they even stood in a pose to thank you..motion for you to clap..and they noe how to play soccer~!!!!!they even noe how to act fierce and how to trick each other in kicking the ball..they really make you laugh till siao..but sadly..we haf to go queue for our elepahnt rides~!!! scary manz at first..your seat jus keep on swaying side to side and you are just like quite high up..your life jus depends on the trainer and elephant..the ride is truly very enjoyable..mani laughters manz..and when the elephants like a small waterfall..gushing out very rapidly..and for very long..and thier shit is big~!!!and is in a form of a square~!!!like building blocks..hahaa

took pics wif the elephants upclose too wif thier trunks holding us close to them..hee..and we fed them wif food such as bananas and bamboos..they are really greedy..when we gave dem one banana..they dun want..when we give dem a bunch..they want..haha..and my sis fell in love wif one of the elephant trainer der~!!!!haha..she missed him sooo much manz..

next we visited the monkey centre..haha..nothing much der..jus see some monkeys performing some stunts such as plucking of coconuts..and diving into the water to get a watch..and we shaked hands wif the monkey..their hands so dad was being called out and being tied..and the monkey helped him to untie..haha

we fed the monkeys and they are equally greedy..hoho

went to dis shopping centre after dat..central airport plaza..hmm..nothing much der to shop though..intially thought 3 hours is not enough..but after an hour or so..der is nothing more to shop..those things der are ard the same price as sing..

head back to the hotel after dat..we went on a spree at the pasar malam again~!!!dis time round.i bought my favourie happy =)))~!!!!!

shop tilled mum suggested we go for a foot massage..haha..dis is the highlight of the day~!!!!hahaha..i dun wanna massage coz i wanna shop around..after getting my stuff..i went back mum sae very shiok..den i decided to go for it..and dis SUPER HANDSOME GUY ATTENDED TO ME~!!!!! cousins and sis all "woooooo hooooo"..made me so paiseh..hahaha..but the guy even more paiseh wor..he super shy..asked him qns..he will look to the other side wif dis shy expression on his face..wah..never see such a shy guy before..haha..den he ask for my name and age..and he sae me "heng hao kan" wor~!!!!weeeeeeee...i am so happy..hahaha..his name is Ahjay..and is onli 20 yrs old~!!!!his massaging very good wor..den i took pic wif him~!!!!! other guys der oso quite sis and cousin oso like them wor..bade farewell to sad~!!!!!

we were still gushing about dem when we left the place wor..and later when we were going across the street..der is dis very pervertic guy keep on winking at my sis and shouted "wo ai ni" to my sis~!!!!hahaha..and he kept on smiling at her and kept on bioing at sis were so scared..

hee..went to buy dvds after dat..initally bought onli 2..but den the shopkeeper very nice..chatted wif me..and i boguht 5 in the end..hee..

after a ard 11 plus..we headed back to the hotel as we have to wake up super early the next dae..

~12th of Feb~

woke up at ard we have to gather at ard 6.30 for our trip to qing lai..the journy took 4 hours..hee..we bought some food for the poor kids der at the long-neck village..took a lorry up the hill..wah..super shiok..

when we approached us and we gave dem food..they snatched..and cried..and their clothes are sooo old and torn..i felt so sad and pitiful for dem..walked up to visit the long-neck are amazingly beautiful~!!!!!dis young girl showed us her skin of the neck..ohmy..turned blue black and looks decomposed..and der is some peeling..hiaz..another girl was raped before by dis guy in the middle of the sad =(

visited their house too..very sad condition..onli some old mattress and thye haf no sofa..onli matresses..hiaz..

i bought two sarongs and a shawl from dem..very nice~!!!they weaved it their own~!!!!

saw other tribes too..the black-teeth tribe..their teeth super black..haha..and the tribe wif big earholes~!!!woooo..wat an eye-opener..

next stop is the border of Mynamar..ohmy..those kids der as young as 2 to 3 years old were begging us for food..some even climbed over the tall fence to beg us for more food..a very heart-wrenching sight..we are considered so lucky and fortunate~!!!

shopped around the area..they sell mostly food and watches..and very messy der..

left the place to head to "the Golden Triangle"..where opium was grown der..and used to be a battlefield i guess..took a boat to visit laos~!!!hee..their coconuts very nice~!!!!and once der were begging..saying "baht baht" =((..and when you give dem food..they are so happy~!!!

went for a boat tour around the golden triangle..saw laos..thailand and mynamar..jus being seperated by the sea..

head back to Chiangmai after dat..another 4 hours of ride but a very enjoyable one :)..first time i saw sooooooooooo many stars~!!!!! really a very beautiful sight..der are no lamposts is very dark..and dangerous..but becoz of dat..the stars appear even more brighter..hee

stopped at dis petrol station..and wow..the smell of baos is so nice..they have corn bao..crabmeat bao..haha..i ate like 6 of dem..haha..some of dem bought siew mais..cup noodles..and all of us gathering together and such a rare heartwarming..woooo

by the time we reached the hotel is already 12 cousins bought rotee..SUPER banana rotee..chocolate rotees nicer den sing's rote prata wor..

while eating in their room and watching the live soccer cousin called housekeeping for an extra toweal and we went our horror..our keys in inside..den so qiao it happens we saw dis bellboy der and asked him to open for us..wahhhhh..he is soooooooo cute..the wae he smiled made him even cuter~!!!!he is oso another super shy guy~!!!!!!he is even more shy den the massage boy..he is very polite too...wooooooooo...den we followed him..haha..and saw him taking a towel..and i was wondering whether is for my cousins..but the walked past my cousin's room..i thought not for my cousin..den he stopped and turned around..wif the shy smile on his face again..he look so paiseh..haha..turned out is for my cousin..wooooo..

went back to our room..dis time is dis room service guy..haha..we trid to order bee hoon soup but den got communicaton problem..haha..all of us laughed and i tell you..he is so handsome when he smiled..can melts the end..he get it much to our relief..and we ordered food again..coz wanna see him again~!!!and when i opened the door for him..he turned and smiled at happy...hahaa

~13th of Feb~

woke up to get ready to pack our bags for checking out..and while doing dat..heard my dad asking for tissue..and my sis heard a guy's voice..rushed out..yeah~!!!!is the super shy boy again~!!!!haha..he was so shy and shocked to see us again~!!!hahaha..and he jus couldn't stop smiling..we too~!!!he asked us whether we have a good night sleep..and later we took pics wif him~!!!lalalala..

hee..went to a famous temple after dat :)..and i have to wear a sarong coz me wearing short skirts..den i realised sarongs are so nice and comfy to wear..

holding on to a lotus and incense sticks..we walked around for three times and prayed to many Buddhas der =)..and so dat SO MANY students around my age were der praying..woooo..saw many shuai ones..hahaha,.i have sinned..

the place is really grand~!!!and the buildings very nice~!!!!!

left the place for our hotel and my cousin noe we find the bellboy very shuai..he went to help us take a pic of him~!!!yeah~!!!wah..the bellboy even made his shirt neatly..and strike a pose for us~!!!!hahaha..said goodbye to him..his smile is so charming..wahhhhh..

went to the airport after dat =((..

and now i am home..


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