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Wednesday, March 02, 2005
♠ 3/02/2005 11:41:00 PM
hee..another layout done by me..i jus couldn't resist using dis pretty pic of Lindsay Lohan..her songs rocks..and i am a fan of her too <3..i finally learnt how to create such a layout dat allows one to click on an icon and tada..leads you to your "destination"..hyperlink :)?..

keke..i heart dis layout of mine so muchie <3 <3 <3~

~24th Feb~

hee..todae is Shi Ying's birthday celebration :))..went to her house at ard 4.30 to help out for the steamboat..weee..soon it is 7 plus..Birdy and Jiayu arrived..we were so hungry at that time but have to wait for Foxy..haha..luckily..she came shortly after..

*yeah*..we started to eat..the birds' eggs are sooooooo nice..haha..was having a fun time earlier peeling off the shells wif Jaws jus now..haha..i found another birds' eggs fan =)~!!!the fish..oops..forget the name but is a very expensive fish wor..and the cheese hotdog soooooo nice..esp when dipped into the chilli sauce..woo until very full but der is still a second round coz to pei Ahbun eat later at 11 plus..haha

chatted about the day we getting back results and those plans we usual..we crapped and laughed (^___^)..and soon Ahbun arrived wif the cake..

hee..Jaws,Birdy and me went to bring her up..and wanna surprise Shi Ying with the cake..but forgot to take the 19 candles..hee..then Jaws and i went up to her house again and thought of the plan..lied to them dat Ahbun wanna buy soya bean but no we went to take money for her..and while explaining to them..Jaws signalled to Kai Cheng for lighter..haha..luckily he got the hint..den i dunnoe why i mentioned abt how much will the soyabean costs..and Jaws replied shld be around 90 cents..haha..and was tinking how come Ahbun dun even haf 90 cents..hahaha..

TADA..surprised Shi Ying wif the birthday cake and took pics :))~!!! was the opening presents time (^.^)..hee..we bought her a adidas jacket..chocolates from dis shop at citylink..and earrings..hee..

after dat was the second round of steamboat while some of us watched Jay chou's concert :))..

soon..everyone bathed and slowly..everyone was feeling very tired and one by one went up to sleep..hahaha..

left her house the next day at ard 10 plus coz meeting Ying Ying for lunch and most of them had already left for work..hee..

~25th of Feb~

the day Disney was being sent away to another home..

(hee..Disney went to the toilet and bite the basin out and went to sleep cute dat i have to take dis pic :))

Bye Bye Disney..You Will Always Be Loved and Remembered by US =))~

was feeling really sad when our father took him away to give to another family..wanted to cry..but held it back..but my sisters esp the youngest one cried so many times..surprisingly my dad cried too..

but for his own good..we have to send him away..i just hope he can live a better life over der now..

~26th of Feb~

wooo..went to check in at Fullerton hotel todae..hee..was very looking forward to it..i thought dat the hotel room will be super grand and posh since it is fullerton..but all of us were so disappointed..uurrggghh...the room wasn't as nice as we expected..the bed was so high..but very comfy though..

(dis seater is sooooooooooooo comfyyyyyyyyyy)

we onli love the toilet coz is very posh.. bottle of evian mineral water der costs $12~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!goodness me..

hee..Foxy came over to visit me later after meeting up wif dat Benjamin guy..hahaha..i smell something fishy..haha..treated her to coffee wif the hotel compliments..haha..stayed in the room till 4.50 sumthing and visited the swimming pool..hmm..very small..all of dem are ang mohs lolx..old ang mos sunbathing der..and we rushed to Suntec after dat for our movie is starting at 5.20..we seem to be always late for movie..haha

met up wif my sis and her frens and all of us made it in time..watched "White Noise"..OHMYGOODNESS..i onli screamed two times..and as usual..i am the onli one screaming..but is not scary at all..i dun quite understand the plot..and they claim is the most horrifying movie..horror factor 1.5/5..overall rating..2/5..hiaz..

parted wif my sis later and we had auntie anne for dinner..woooo..i miss auntie anne so much..the last time i ate dat was in chiangmai..but is onli a small piece coz is the samples..haha

went back to fullerton after shiok..coz onli one stop to raffles place..feel like a tai tai when i stepped inside fullerton..haha..

Auntie Sabrina ordered food from Jade restaurant for me =))~!!!!i din noe they oso offered room service..aaaahhh..heard from my mum the 2 prawns alone costs 30 sumthing..but the prawns are SOOOOO NICE..they are the best prawns i have ever eaten..the fried rice was so so onli though..i miss the prawns so much now..

watched guess guess guess..i was so happy when channel u finally broadcast dis program..can't wait for the next episode.. sis came back and she ordered their kampong fried rice..very nice~!!!!

we all had a hard time sleeping though..imagine 5 of us squeezing in one room..

home is still the best :))..

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