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Friday, March 11, 2005
♠ 3/11/2005 09:33:00 PM week has jus passed since the fateful day..during this one week..i learnt a lot of to know who are the true friends..and who are not..

i can't believe dis ex good friend of mine totally cast me out as a fren after that fucking day..she did not contact me after that and when i try to talk to her..she bloody hell showed me attitude..act so fucking dao..shit her..

and i realised how some people can jus be so fucking insensitive..obviously they noe of my results..and they dared to ask me and claimed that their results are damn lousy..when actually their results are damn fabulous!!!get a life manz..

hee..however..i am blessed wif great and true friends too~!!!!i really appreciate when some of my friends msged me to console me..and called me to offer me advices..but during that point of time..i just wanna "be alone"..jus wanna sort out my thoughts and tink of a way out all by myself..Really Very Sorry to those who i reject your calls or din reply your msg..hee..

i am rather shocked too when my cousins who are always "loggerheads" with me..msged me to ask me to cheer up..and told me abt some of their funny school happenings..though i wasn't in a mood to laugh..i still appreciate your efforts..

now i know who are the ones that i will truly cherish and love..while who are the ones i will jus treat them as normal friends and some who i will treat them as shit..

oohhh..and i absolutely hate people to be fucking late when meeting dun detest latecomer since i am one myself..but i hate those who are late coz they jus wanna meet a friend last minute..and msged me to sae you will be a little late when you are gonna be late for one hour and 30 fucked-up..

hmm..shall now talk about happy stuff =))~!!! up wif Jaws today at clementi to go SIM open house..haha..goodness me..we have to siam so mani pple dat sell pens for charity..those ctss students are like everywhere.. really big in der..and is more like an office den a school..and der are so mani good-looking guys der..esp this group of guys we saw..haha..we are very fated wif dem coz we saw them while walking around the the the customer service centre..but we din see them when we left for town..and i was still teling Jaws scully we see them in town..due to some unforseen circumstances later..Jaws went to town to meet her bf..and i went home..and..Jaws saw the group of guys again in town~!!!! wasted~!!!!aaaaahhhhh..nvm..if got fate..surely will meet them again..haha

and we realised der is no bus to we ended up walking to ngee ann poly..and took bus 75 to suntec..

and den..soon..we were at bukit panjang..and sensed something not right..phew..luckily dis girl beside us told us that 75 doesn't go suntec..haf to change bus 700A..haha..

due to time constriant..we walked around bukit panjang plaza..and went to kfc to eat~!!! has been ages since i ate kfc..and Jaws treated me to cheese fries and coke..weeee

Jaws: hee..when i get my pay..i treat you back ya :))??

yupz..i am working a retail assistant..shall not indulge where am i case some pyscho decide to stalk me..hahaha..

and life without a maid is terrible!!!!!

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