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Saturday, April 30, 2005
♠ 4/30/2005 03:25:00 PM
firstly..Happy Birthday To My Sister-Wen Xin :))~!!!hope you like the happy house gifts we bought for you..hee

tmr is my sis's birthday party..but she did not invite her friends coz she dun feel like entertaining only my relatives will be coming hse will be so crowded tmr..hoho..yeah~!!!another gathering wif my cousins :))~!!!i can't wait for tmr =))~!!!!

hmm..just heard dat another of my relative just filed for divorce..the wife had an affair..but after hearing the whole story..i tink that the wife was not in the wrong at all..instead it is the husband's fault..the husband neglects the wife..both of them had no common interest..neither the husband wants to put in the effort to please his wife..if i am her..i will also file for divorce..why make myself miserable..

but my father was very pissed at the wife..almost got into a heated argument wif my mum over dis issue..coz both of dem had different views..

but my Gu Gu said dat we are not them..we are not in the position to judge who's right or who's wrong..

is quite upsetting when der are now fewer relatives den before..i won't be able to see my cousins anymore since they chose to be wif their mum..hiaz..i just hope i will bump into her least i will noe how is she doing..

and so for the coming Grandma's birthday dinner and new year..der will be a decrease in the number of people..again..sigh

speaking of Gu Gu..she asked me :"Pei Xun(they called me Pei Xun instead of Pei Xin),so you got into Uni?"

when i was about to mother snapped in :"her results lousy..she is retaking"

i had to force an awkward smile at her..

Gu Gu:" hard dis time"

i smiled back..knowing that sooner or later..the whole of my father side's relatives will get to noe i can't make it..hiaz..

on a entirely different cousin is now applying for a flat wif his gf..haha..tink he is getting married soon..woooo

aniwae..yesterdae was my "enemies" gathering..except dis time..Ahbun and Foxy can't make it..we went to Marche for our dinner..and whoooo..Marche got sambal stingray wor~!!! nice~!!!and we went to dis cafe in Cine after dat..hee..forgot the name of the shop..hee so qiao wor~!!!Jaws's bf was at the cafe fated :)~!!!the cafe's drinks very nice..i ordered root beer float..very nice~!!!and dis is the first time the float is being served together wif the root beer bottle :)..wooo..

and i am VERY VERY VERY HAPPY AND TOUCHED to receive a Disney Princess magazine from my Special Friend =)))~!!!!

To My Special Friend: THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH for the Disney Princess magazine and the Cinderella clip <3 <3 <3~!!!!i am indeed very fortunate to have You as my good friend :))~!!!!*muackz muackz*

wang lee hom's latest song "Ai Cuo" is currently my favourite song~!!!i have been listening to it non-stop and i must listen to it every night before i enter my dreamland..hee..for those who are interested to listen to dis wonderful ballad..i had uploaded into a server..

Image hosted by

hee..copy and paste the url into a new window ya :)..

hee..and now i am waiting for my oreo cheesecake from marche..lalala

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