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Monday, April 04, 2005
♠ 4/04/2005 11:09:00 PM around 24 hours time..i will be on the plane to Japan~!!!!hee..i can't wait~!!!

but sadly..unlike the previous two trips..we won't be visiting Disneyland dis time round..coz is more like a Sakura cum Hakone cum Mount Fuji (-.-) tour..urgh..Mount Fuji is such a boring place to go..a trip der once is enough..i still rmb my sisters and i were grumbling the waste of time travelling der last was a long 3 hours ride der..NOTHING much to do at all..NOTHING much to see at all..urghh.. least..FINALLY~!!!i am visiting Japan during their Sakura season~!!!! has always been my wish to see Sakuras in Japan..yeah~!!!i wonder are they really as pretty as those i seen in photos..hee..

i am hoping we will have ample time to do our shopping..coz i wanna get Pinky Girls/Albarosa/Ruby Rose/Claire and Disney stuff :)..if i still have some money left..i wanna get my desired Samantha Thavasa bag..dat's onli if i left two hundreds plus (-.-)..

hee..i will be back on saturday..hopefully it will be a fruitful and wonderful trip der =)~

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My family and i checked in at The Oriental..kind of a "get away"..haha..all of us were impressed by the hotel..their excellent service especially..MUCH better den Fullerton..

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(the view from our small balcony..Pan Pacific is jus opposite..nice view..oohh..pan pacific's swimming pool is very nice)

we ordered room service..three plates of fried rice..and the bellboy set up dis portable table for us..laid our dishes on it..and machiam we having candlelight dinner..haha..

checked out the next day..and met up wif my cousin for dim sum..*slurps slurps*

Image hosted by is Jaws's birthday celebration =))~!!!we all met up at Plaza Singapura at ard 7pm..and waited for Ahbun who jus got off from work..hee..oohh..we saw Caleb too..haha..he is looking great as usual..haha

Jaws treated us at Lao Beijing..the dishes are all so nice~!!!!i heart the fried tofu..the "golden" fish..the guo tie..the gravy for the chickens so nice~!!!! costs $122..kinda expensive..but all of us were feeling very full..

great ambience..great food..and as usual..great company :))~!!!

headed to clarke quay after that..Birdy brought us to "Forbidden City"!!!a very very nice place..look quite high class and their decos and furnitures..WOW..
but places for us..thus..we decide to head to Gotham Penthouse..

each of us onli paid $12..quite cheap..sumore got free flow of drinks..we were the first fews to reach ourselves very very comfy seats~!!!sumore is at one better..kind of got our own privacy..

but the music cannot make it..onli one or two songs that one can really dance to it..the dancefloor..erm..onli got a few people..and the crowd der..mostly indians..malay..ang fewwwww chinese.. by one of us left..and left Birdy,Foxy,Ahbun and me..we left the place at around 1 something..wanted to catch a midnight movie..but noen of the movies we wanted to watch are available at dat time..

so we decide to walk to Esplande..hee..we got some free balloons too..from dis club dat is closing..haha..took some pics wif those statues along Singapore River..they look scary..haha..

our chatting session ended at around 2 something..coz Foxy was feeling very tired..dat poor girl..she vomitted der..but luckily she is fine now..hee

hee..we took a cab to my house after dat :)..

hee..i can't wait for our next gathering <3 <3 <3~!!!!!!!

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