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Thursday, June 16, 2005
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today was our Enemies' gathering day =))~!!!finally..all 7 of us could make it :))..*happy happy*..initially was planning to go Shi Ying's hse for our potluck dinner..but later it had been changed to Jaws's house..and so off we went to Jaws's house :))..

met up wif Foxy earlier at Westmall..haha..our initial plan was to meet at 3.30..but we met up at 4.30 instead..we can never seem to meet on time..hoho..

went to walk around and i went to Yellow to pierce my i have two earrings on both sides..i wanna pierce two more times and pierce my tragus o(>.<)o~!!!

luckily Foxy was der to help me check the ear markings or else the distance between the earholes will be too far and not enough space for four earholes..haha

and later on..both of us bought some mini earrings..lala

went to Jurong Point after dat to buy the food needed for our potluck dinner..bought carrot cakes and some snacks from Old Chang Kee..and Long John's fries..

wah..both of us da bao xiao bao..lugged the bags to Jaws's house..i thought i noe my way der..but oops..we got erm the second or third time?haha..come to tink of it..Foxy was always with me when we got lost..poor her..trusted my ability and yet i made her suffer =p..

called Jaws for help and yeah..after like..30 mins?we finally reached her house and Shi Ying had already reached =))~!!!waited for Birdy,Jiayu and Ahbun to arrive :))..

tata..we started our potluck dinner soon after dat..let me list down the food we brought:

Otahs and Fishcakes(Foxy),Guo Ties(Shi Ying),Satays(Jaws),Homecooked fried rice(Birdy),Chicken nuggets,Crabmeats and Hotdogs(Jiayu and Ahbun) and Carrot cake,fries,spring rolls(me)..

haha..we crapped <3 laughed <3 and watched tv programmes..last episode of the 9pm show..we ate till we were all so full and yet der were lotsa food left =p..hoho..

and Birdy mentioned dat it has been a long time since we go ktv-ing..yesh yesh~!!!the last time was the last day of our prelims..soooooo loonnggg ler..we must organise a kbox gathering soonnnnnn =))..*beams*

and we onli had three group we decided to take some more group photos..*snap snap*..

chatted till 11pm and all of us went home..rushing for the last train..hoho..and oohh i saw Weichang while waiting to board the bus..

hee..i can't wait for our next gathering again \(^o^)/..*squeals in excitment*

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went to TAKA wif my sis todae..retail therapy~!!!but hmphz..after walking around TAKA for like erm 2 hours plus..onli bought a denim handbag..nothing else caught my least i bought something better den nothing..haha

hmm..saw two diff colours of the denim handbag dat i really like..two diff shades of the end bought the darker shade since my sis and her frens all chose dat one..hmm..i tink i wanna get the lighter shade one on my next trip der..hoho

i wanna buy some toys at first..Barbie dolls or the Sylvanian Families..but..come to tink of it..isn't it more worthwhile to spend my money on clothes instead..since those toys are onli for display purpose..hmm..but den i saw many people buying Sylvanian Families' toys..*envy envy*..shall tink it over seriously whether to get it mah..luckily the GSS ends at 24th July..wooo

hmm..saw nothing nice at OP too..i saw a cute top from PhutureLondon.."I Have Not Met My Mr Right Yet..But I Have Met Mr Ugly..Mr....(all the negative stuff abt guys)"..haha..

and my sis complained of tired bo bian..left TAKA to go Raffles Place to meet my Dad..andddddddd..on our way out of the store..i saw a cameraman..a photographer..some guards surrounding a tall girl dressed in red top and jeans..wif a huge white flower clip on her hair..A CELEBRITY~!!!!!but i have no idea who was it..i still thought it was some Thai Ah Gua??coz the way she behaves??haha..

and so all of us rushed to follow the star..only can see the backview..sideview..haha..still have no idea who is she yet..and Ahbun called me..and she told me dat she read in the newspaper that Lin Zhi ling is in Singapore~!!!

and to double confirm is her..we followed her into Zara..many people did dat too..YESH~!!!!SHE IS THE TAIWAN'S NUMBER ONE BEAUTY CUM SUPERMODEL-LIN ZHI LING~!!!!

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whoa..she turned around and smiled at us..haha..her smile really very dazzling..she really very pretty wor..but i find that der are definitely more prettier girls den her..even those Japanese Popteen models are prettier than her..

she is so super tall~!!!her legs are so darn skinny and loonnggg..and her chest are rather flat leh..but she is rather friendly though..hoho..her skin..flawless sia..maybe is just the make-up??hoho

i overheard dis auntie saying..:"she is Taiwan's da mei nu??*in a very sacarstic tone*..pretty mer??her face so average looking only"..haha..and i was wondering what is the auntie doing in ZARA??!!shopping for ZARA clothes??

aniwae..when the celebrity was browsing through the clothes..about 50m around her was empty??as in everyone was jus looking at her from a one seem to dare to get near to her..wierd eh??

i can't believe i actually had the chance to see her so upclose..i still rmb i jus saw her on the news a few days ago and her tv interview..the unexpected always happen..hoho

i wanna take a longer look at her..but my sis complained of tired legs again~!!!!uurrggghh..and so off we went to Raffles Place..

headed to the airport wif our Dad later fetch Mum back from Australia..and..we went to Swensens for a late supper..and MY OH MY~!!!the waiter who served us LOOKS SO MUCH ALIKE AS my cousin like a duplicate copy??except the waiter's nose is a bit bigger and rounder..and all of us thought the same thing too..he is really very shuai wor..hee..

and my Dad went to call him.."Handsome buy..water".."Handsome boy,bill"..asked him questions..and found out dat he is from ITE..ooohhh..i made eye contact wif him twice leh~~!!!!*blush blush*

after fetching our Mum..we went to have another late supper..porridge at Henderson road der..and my Mum suggested changing our Hongkong trip to Melbourne instead..woooo lala..but my sis prefer for me..i wanna go both places too..have to tink it thoroughly and give our Mum our answer soon..

my sis said if want to shop till siao..go Hongkong..if want to play till siao..den go Melbourne..hmmm..hard decision.. cousins and us are going to treat all our fathers a Father's Day dinner dis yesh der will be a gathering again :))..and dis time will be us ordering the food..not our parents..hahaha

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