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Monday, June 27, 2005
♠ 6/27/2005 07:51:00 PM
wooo lala..i had a very wonderful time last week..last week was really well-spent and fufilling :)~

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went to Honeyworld travel agency wif my Mum to check out more about the Hongkong trip..they had now released the Hongkong's Disneyland tour package..4 days three nights..and you get to stay in either Disneyland Hotel(which is more exp) or Disney's Hollywood Hotel for one night..and der will be a free private bus transfer from your hotel to Disneyland =))~finally can get to roam around Disneyland at night..i have always wanted to see for myself how Disneyland looks like at night with the castle lighted up..*beams*..

the tour pple der told us to opt for the Disneyland package instead..haf to confirm the bookings by 22nd july..and it costs $1022 per Mum said we can attend their firework festival too :))~

i can't wait!!!*beams*

hee..met up wif Ahbun at 4 sumthing in Raffles Place after dat..walked around the shops der..and we came across dis shop selling those Disney snowglobes dat i always wanted..saw a Tinkerbell lamp..costs $199..ohmyyy..

we went to The Coffee Connoisseur after dat..ohmy..we took quite some time to decide what we want..we are basically spoilt for choice..initally we both wanted to order oreo milkshake..but is too cold for us and is harmful too coz we got our periods on dat dae..haha..finally we decided on Oreo Mocha Frappe..IT IS VERY VERY NICE~!!!!!*thumbs-up*..and der was dis waitress who came over to ask me where did i style my hair..coz she and other two waitresses wanna noe..hee..i was so happy wor..i have nice hairstyle..hahaha..

and so Ahbun and me talked about our BGR problems..and we talked and laughed as if we are the onli ones in the cafe..hoho..we decided on TCC coz of their comfy seats..but haha after hours spent der..we din even rest on it..hoho..

hee..Jiayu came over and joined us later and we chat abouts bfs..haha..and we laughed so hard over dis charlin's joke..HAHAHA..we are such meanies..lala

headed to Citylink after dat..coz Jiayu wanna buy a heartshape box for her 2nd anniversary..and had our late dinner at the Marina square footcourt which has dis fantastic view of the Esplanade..

home sweet home after dat..

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hee..met up wif Jaws today for retail therapy =))!!!!*excited* qiao..both of us wore polo tees and hers was light pink..while mine was dark pink..hoho..

had our lunch at Cine..i love their ban niceee..our first stop was Espirit..and TAKA next :)..we din see anything we fancy until we walked past Giordano..they are having a storewide 30 percent sale many pple der..and yesh..we bought some clothes from der :))..and i love their Giordano Junior clothes..but too bad the size i wanted are out of stock..

went to Far East after dat..Jaws wanna buy flip-flops..oohh..and i saw dis blogger der who i always read her blog..whoa..she is even prettier in real life qiao..we were discussing about haircolours and i was telling Jaws about dis blogger's ash white hightlights..and TADA..i saw her right in front of unbelivable rite??dis is only the first out of four unbelivable things dat happen today..

went to wheelock place's borders coz both of us wanna buy some nice notebooks for our sch..and we saw our jj schmate..

and on our way to the mrt station..we saw yong cheng and his girlfriend!!!!haha..all of us were equally shocked to see each other..wat shocked us was dat both of dem immediately let go of each other's hands when they saw us..hmm..

Bugis Village was upgraded the much better..not as stuffy as before..and is like we were shopping in hongkong..doesn't feel like we were in singapore..haha

and we walked to Suntec after dat coz i wanna get my Giordano junior clothes..hee..the salegirls der are all so friendly..and yeah..both of us bought some clothes der..i was so happy can..coz in the past..i always love Giordano junior clothes but they are too small size for i can finally wear dem~!!!!*happy happy*

went to Carrefour to buy sushis for our dinner..and Jaws suggested sitting down at dis bench..OHMY..and soon i saw my cousin Aloysius coming out from dis shop~!!!!i can't believe my eyes manz..shouted out to him..and haha..update each other about our lives and i got his handphone number..haha..

home sweet home..

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hee..met up wif Suat Ling today =)))~!!!!!!!!!!I MISS HER SOOOOOO MUCH~!!!!!!!it has been like 4 years plus since i last met her..when we saw each other..we were like :"aaahhhhhhh" happy to see her =))~!!!and she gave me a gift..DISNEY PRINCESS~!!!I LOVE IT A LOT~!!!!THANK YOU SO MUCH,Sweetie :))~!!!!

we went to Birkenstock store in wheelock place..finally..i always wanted to visit the shop..coz i am intending to get one pair too..Suat Ling wanted to get dis brown pair which is so nice..heard from her dat birkenstock can last you a lifetime and is very comfy..

we went to Lido after dat to buy tickets for the movie "Batman Begins"..and went to Ajisen for our dinner~!!!i was so happy can..coz i always wanted to try ajisen's ramen..ohmy..the ramen is quite nice..but still not up to my expectations..isn;t as wonderful as the ones i tasted in Japan..but their fried prawns superb nice..

went for our movie after dat..Batman begins is a VERY NICE MOVIE..the sound effects are really bravo and the first i dun get it..but soon..i kinda understand..till now..der are some parts i still dun quite understand..i will rate it 4 out of 5..and i am so sure der will be a sequeal..hee

and we went to Heeren after dat to take puri kura~!!!we took at dis new machines called is 8 megapixel clear the quality..and something really very funny happened when we were decorating our pics..HAHAHAHA..i am laughing now while i am typing dis..


bade farewell to her and i went to PS to meet up Jaws to pass her the vcd and she lend me Mr and Mrs Smith..whoa lala..gonna watch it soon..

it has been really great catching up wif Suat Ling..updating each other and encouraging each other to move on with our aims..

we must met up real soon ya..and hopefully dis time around..Hui Fen and Siew Hong can join us :))~!!!

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hee..met up wif Foxy today at Tiong bahru plaza for our Initial D movie date~!!!!!hee..and as usual..we planned to meet at 12..but end up meet at 1.30..haha..met up wif my sisters and cousins too coz they oso wanna watch Initial D..that was the second time they are watching manz..hee..

and Foxy bought guo ties to eat inside the lar..i am jus kidding..hahahaha..we made some jokes about bringing diff types of food into the theatre to eat..HAHA..

OHMYYYY..INITIAL D IS SUCH A GREAAAAATTTT MOVIE~!!!!!SHAWN YU IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HANDSOME~!!!!!in fact..all of dem are al so handsome and cool..esp when they race..oh wowowowow..I LOVE THIS SHOW MANZ~!!!suddenly i have a craving for tofus..hee..but the ending quite abrupt??some people actually was like."huh??finish oredi??"..haha..i will rate it 5 out of 5 manz..even Foxy said it was super and she dun mind watching it the second time..hee

went to dis Japanese noodle restaurant for our dinner..hoho..i had char siew ramen for two consecutive days~!!!!haha..sinful sinful..shopped ard TBP after dat..saw some pretty nice clothes at Ice lemon tea..and Ebase is having some clearance sale now..whoaaa..

went to Harbourfront after dat..and i bought a Esprit top~!!!!so happy..

home sweet home..

lala..i had such a enjoyable time manz..going shopping again wif Ahbun and Jiayu dis week..i can't wait~!!!!hopefully nothing will spoil our plans..hee..

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