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Sunday, July 24, 2005
♠ 7/24/2005 12:30:00 PM
20th of July

met up wif Ahbun to shop around in Orchard =)
went to Far East to get Ahbun shoes
the shoes she has been wanting since CNY..
we bought some earrings at really cheap prices..

headed to Scotts foodcourt for our late lunch..
my current fav ban mian..but Scotts' ban mian is pretty awful (~.~)..
went to Tangs coz i wanna check out the Levis shirt that i fell in love at first sight last sunday..
okie..the salesman of Levis at Tangs is pretty cute..haha

and both of us fell in love with this latest Pony bag..
is great for both school and outing..
a very versatile bag <3~
too bad they dun haf my fav
but blue is nonetheless very nice..
and the price is reasonable too :)~

bought a top from Forever 21..regretted buying it ever since..
it costs me $33..
doubt i will be wearing it ever again..hiaz

bugis village was next
they sell really cheap clothes der..
both of us bought some really cheap and nice earrings..
back to bugis junction and Jiayu was der too =)~!!!

went to this Bak Ku Teh shop in havelock road for our supper.
fried doughsticks wif the bak ku teh soup taste heavenly <3~!!!

14th of July

met up wif Shi Ying and Foxy at JP for our movie date =)~!!!
we wanna watch War of the Worlds initially but it was no longer screening..
so we watched "The Island" instead :)..
a GREATTTTTT show <3 <3~!!!!
a action packed movie about cloning of humans..
the effects were really superb *thumbs-up*..
the plot was equally great..
4/5 :)..

ooohhh..and now i am missing the Japanese cake wif kaya and red bean filling..
i wanna try the tu-tu kueh wif chocolate fillings soon..
coz Shi Ying said it was very nice..
*yum yum*

15th of July

met up wif my dearest Enemies for our gathering \\(^o^)//~!!!
dinner was at Ten Mile Junction..
a very wu-lu shopping centre..
i doubt i am going back der again..
had dinner at dis restaurant called Different Tastes blah blah..
was grossed out by the fouling fish smell when i first stepped inside..
and the auntie who served us..she had that fish smell too..*puke*

finally Foxy and Ahbun arrived after an hour..
the food was great..
esp the claypot tofu wif prawns..
but nahhh..i am not going der to eat again..
i dun like the place at all..

bought some snacks to Jiayu place after our dinner..
hee..we took lotsa photos <3 <3 <3~!!!
formal*informal*fierce*cosy*wif carebears*act cool*

the hello panada choco cookies are so nice can..
sinful but i dun care..haha

it was simply wonderful catching up wif my Enemies =))..
tink this is the last gathering beofre my school starts =((..
this thought alone jus saddened me so much

23th of July

had our family dinner at Goodwood Park Hotel wif our Grandma too
buffet dinner at dis Japanese restaurant inside..
$50 ++ per person..kind of a bbq buffet dinner
unlimited selected sushis*unlimited tempuras*unlimited meats*
i ate about 14 sushis..16 tempuras..haha
yesh..i am such a glutton..
my stomach was exploding..the feeling was jus terrible..
but i am not going back der again..
coz their service sucks

and now..i am craving for black carrot cake..haha

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