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Sunday, July 03, 2005
♠ 7/03/2005 06:33:00 PM
hee..met up wif Jiayu on fridae at Bugis for retail therapy =))~!!!oohhh..had our lunch at the foodcourt..and their won ton noodles are really nice :)..

we went to the Edge..wooo..first stop was Bustop..New World Order..Pure Milk and Blossomz..hee..within like an hour or so..both of us bought several tops..and me-one miniskirt..hoho..both of us are really swif and share the same shopping style..hee..saw tose clothes dat we like..went to try..if nice..we jus bought it..without giving much consideration abt the price etc..we even forgot to ask the price for our Blossomz clothes and jus went to pay..luckily it was less den 20..*beams*

and we went to Ebase next~!!!i never knew much abt Ebase till Birdy recommended us dat time..and their clothes are really nice and cheap~!!!Samuel and Kevin was next..Jiayu's fav haunt..hee..ohmy..saw these two bitches dat i hate a lot..*phew*..

hee..and we decide to go to Marina Square's newly opened Ebase coz Jiayu said it is much more spacious and more variety and their changing rooms are nice..weee

shopped a bit at Suntec first..hmm..saw nothing we like at Espirt/Dorothy

WHOA!!!!i love Marina Sq's Ebase~!!!it is such a nice place to shop~!!!i can like spend my whole day der manz..hee noe..time really flies when you are shopping happily..soon is time for us to leave and meet up wif Shi Ying..Birdy and Jaws at Ikea :)..

we kind of got lost..can't find the bus-stop..haha..

woooo..both of us really had a great sense of achievment and we spend ard $100 plus each..

my new-found shopping khaki-JIAYU =))~!!!!!!

hee..met up wif Jaws..Shi Ying and Birdy at Ikea cafe for our dinner :)..and we saw something dat is damn gross..dis fat guy was sitting down..and his jeans are so low..we saw his butt crack..*PUKEEEEEEE*

headed to the foodcourt at Anchorpoint after dat..hmm..i was hoping i will meet Him der..the place bought me lotsa sweet memories :)..

and as usual..we chatted and joked..hee..der is never a dull moment spend wif them =))~headed home at ten coz the foodocurt is closing..

hope der will be a gathering soon =))~!!!

Saturday..met up wif Ahbun at ard 5..dat was our supposed time for meeting..but damn it..i din noe thye have the NDP rehearsal going on..and bus 10 change its route..fuck fuck the end..i end up at Geylang!!!!!!stoopid stoopid stoopid!!!!!!took bus 7 back to orhcard to meet up wif the time i reached was oredi 6.30 plus..urgghh..and ohmy..orchard was soooo packed dat dae..luckily Taka wasn't dat packed..hee..shopped at the shop Everyone is beautiful..bought a top from der :)..and Ahbun reserved two tops using the name "Helen"..haha..

walked over to Far East Kfc for our dinner..and dis Japanaese couple..i assume they are paiseh..they have so many big bags wif dem..and they took them away and place it on the ground..letting us have four seats for ourselves..whereas the two of dem have to squeeze wif the bags and two small seats..hiaz..

and we we made our last min shopping at Far East plaza..bought another 4 tops for my sisters..haha..pei Ahbun to JE and we saw Yvonne..wah..she changed quite a lot..permed her hair and highlight too..hee

Sunday..OHMY..THE DAY I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR~!!!!!my cheatday~!!!!the day when i can eat watever i want..a food binge..wahaha..i asked my Mum to buy for me OYSTER OMELETTE~!!!BLACK AND WHITE CARROT CAKE~!!!!TIONG BAHRU CHICKEN RICE~!!!TAO SUAN~!!!!FRIED DOUHGSTICK~!!!!PAOS~!!!!woooo..and i ate and ate and ate and ate..hahaha..ate till i was so damn full..feeling really stuffed and uncomfortable..hmm..but strangely arz..i dun hate myself or feel makes me happy..perhaps i shld change my eating habits..aaaahhh..the joy of eating my fav foods..hahaha..

headed to IMM after dat wif my parents to buy sofa =)~!!!! parents wanna change our sofas coz they are really not cosy to sit on..haha..and we saw our relatives qiao..they said i slimmed down ler..haha..and i saw my pri sch cum jc friend Wee Ling too~!!!!so qiao~!!!both of us were in the same furniture shop..and she said i slimmed down too..and asked who bullied me..hee..

in the end..we settled for dis leather sofa which is REALLY VERY VERY COMFY~!!!!!!hee..the sofas will arrive in three weeks time..i can't wait..and YESH~!!!my room is going to have another renoavtion soon~!!!i wanna renovate my room to be country style like..weee..gonna browse thru books to look for ideas..hee

and now i am using my cousin's com to blog..hee..having steamboat in thier hse..coz is my Auntie's birthday..hee..


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