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Sunday, July 17, 2005
♠ 7/17/2005 04:05:00 PM
tanning session on Thursday(14th) at Sentosa wif Ahbun,Birdy and Jaws (^o^)//..

met up early at ard 11 plus and took the shuttle bus into Sentosa..i din noe they provide this service =p..

i realised that it has been around 18 mths since i last been to Sentosa..i am very behind times..Sentosa changed so much..

our first stop was Siloso Beach..very few people..but the sky was a bit cloudy and the sun wasn't dat bright?haha..

decided to head to Palawan Beach coz we were hungry and der is a 7 eleven store der :)

took the beach tram..i din noe they have such service too..haha

and i tink the driver is kinda funny in the way he kept on repeating the names of the next destination..haha

der are some construction works going on der..and der are NTU students' orientation..they are so noisy (-.-)..

found a spot to indulge our breakfast..hee..i miss the fried yam cake so much now..and mee siam tasted really not nice without the gravy..haha

Jaws and Birdy continue the tanning session while Ahbun and me took a walk around..i tink the sea view of Sentosa isn't really nice coz of the many trade ships around..

we took lotsa photos and Ahbun and me were just abusing Birdy's cam by taking lotsa zi lian photos of ourselves..haha

hee..Birdy said i look like a cartoon character when i tied my hair in a side bun..i tink i noe who is it..issit dis cartoon,Birdy??


you noe time really fliessssss when you are having fun..soon it was 5 plus!!!when i thought it was only ard 2 plus..

went to Harbourfront Centre for our dinner after that :)..

and now my back is in pain..coz i din get tanned but got burnt instead..haha

i am hoping for another day out in Sentosa wif my Enemies again <3 <3 <3~!!!!

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