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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
♠ 9/27/2005 02:16:00 PM
FINALLY..finally finished the stoopid marketing test and all of the disgusting assignments..

SIM is seriously crazy to charge a fucking $1.20 for ONE piece of colour ink paper..

and so i reluctantly had to pay a freaking bloody $20.40 for 17 pieces of colour ink papers and the binding..

$20.40~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*heart seriously very pain*

i could haf bought my fav soft toy wif dat amt..

urrgggghhhh..and not to mention..i screwed up my marketing test..

serves me right for being such a lazy freak on sat and not setting my priorities right..

i was busy watching the korean drama "Full House"..

so..haf to crammed all the marketing principles -7 full chapters in jus one and a half days..

aniwae..i am jus glad all of these are over :)..

and I CAN'T WAIT to watch "Full House" is a VERY VERY VERY NICEEEEE and FUNNY romantic drama..rating: 10/10~!!!

der are some days i jus have the motivation and determination to go on a diet..i can jus eat only 5 breads in three days..and not feel miserable..

but der are some days..i jus dun feel like dieting and feel superly miserable jus chewing on bread..i will go on a food binge..binge and binge..

and so..i haf been breaking my diet for the past few food binge is very scary and powerful..wahaha..

and i am going to eat the apple strudel after typing dis entry..

and i realised dis entry of mine is rather silly..

hee..the next entry will be writing about my Mum's Japan trip..i wanted to blog this really long has been like two months plus since my Mum came back..haha

okie dokie..i shall go take a nap now and wake up jus in time for my "War and Beauty" at 4.30..

studying suckkkkk..

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